looks like bad weather heading to Hoover

https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/Ho … L0594:1:US

don’t know how their going to get this in with high % everyday…terrible timing for bad weather.

The bad thing about that is that we’re the last game on Wed, and - if we win - the last game scheduled for the next day. If any game will get pushed a day, it’s the last one.

IIRC, we got screwed last year when rain forced our late game to be played the next morning - then we had to play again that same afternoon/evening against a team that got their game in the day before. So, they had a day or test and we did not, even though we were both on the same schedule and should have had the same rest. I can see that happening again.

its going to be a mess.rain all throughout the SE all week!! don’t know how they will handle all this…

Sometimes I think as fans we worry about things that may happen or could happen. It may be a terrible week with rain. Or not. The whole Georgia series was going to be wiped out with rain last week but all of it got in, albeit around the rain. Arkansas will play when the game is allowed to be played. I’m sure DVH and company aren’t overly concerned about it, so neither should the fans. Honestly, if the whole tournament was wiped out by rain, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

I’d rather see a game pushed back a day than have delays during the game! It messes up your pitching. Maybe we get lucky and are able to play.

It has been my experience that there is a chance of rain almost every day this time of year in that region. It rarely is a prolonged rain storm, but more a bunch of pop up showers fueled by the humidity from the Gulf.