Looks like another promotion???

Chris Freet is following Long to Kansas as deputy Director of Athletics, I guess that’s a promotion from Sr Associate Director, lol. It still looks like a changing of staff to me, but I’m sure I’ll be corrected.

Not surprised Long is taking some of his people with him. I’m sure the atmosphere in athletic administration has changed under Yurachek, and Freet may prefer working for JL. Good luck to him.

Although Freet’s Twitter page doesn’t show anything about it. Yet.

Jeff and Chris go back a long ways to their time together at Oklahoma. I’m not surprised to see that Chris is going to KU.

But his feed does…

Has anybody compared the number of “Administrators” involved with UA Athletics now as to when JFB was A.D.

It’s the same with support staff within each sport.

The increase in numbers is unbelievable in only 10-11 years.

The spending is out of hand.

Has anyone compared the amount of revenue from Broyles to today? Sometimes it takes more, to make more. I wonder what the ratio is per/million?

The department was in need of modernizing when Broyles left, and the amount of revenue that has come about in the past 10 years necessitated the growth in staff size. You also have to consider that Broyles did not oversee the women’s athletics department like Long did and Yurachek does.

Why do folks worry about stuff like this?

For some reason, I want everybody to win.

Why are we still talking about Jeff Long?


Jeff is going to have challenges at Lawrence - When I was at 1st Div - Ft Riley Kansas and wife was finishing up her Pharmacy degree at KU

there was strife between Basketball and Football teams - seems to have gone on for years and

the Football team seemed to have a fragile mentality - they expected to loose -

I think its part of their culture

the game that meant anything was beating Mizzou and…

no one cared about the game outside of those two campus

I see what is going on at Arkansas and I fear we are becoming Kansas in football

LOL… we’re still talking about Nutt and Petrino… we love to dwell on the past around here :smiley:

More on Freet going to Kansas: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … ng-kansas/

After asking around, this does look like a step up for Chris. He is going to be one of two deputy ADs at Kansas, which are a rung below the AD. At Arkansas the senior associates, which he was, are two rungs below the AD.

Looks like a newly created position.