Looks like another DH Sat

Doesn’t look good for Friday 90% chance

Hate that. It will interfere with the football scrimmage.

Any chance football scrimmage gets moved to late morning to accommodate potential double header?

I doubt that.

Lots of things go into that football start time.

Dang it! I have tickets with my brother in law Friday. It’s the only chance I will get this year to see Hogs baseball. But we’ll be at the Red/White game Saturday. Maybe the weatherman is wrong…

I hope not. I don’t want to have to get up at 5AM on Sat to get to Fayetteville on time for the Red-White game. It seems like a simpler solution to have the baseball double header on Sunday. Move the first game up a little if necessary.

IIRC, double headers on Sunday run the risk of going past a curfew set by the SEC. They’d probably have to play 7 inning games. I’m sure that’s why they’ll play the DH on Sat

Any games in a DH on a Sunday (or any “get-away” day) must be 7 inning games.

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I knew it was something like that. I’m sure that’s why they’d play the DH on Saturday. Given the relative strength of our BP, I’d rather play the 9-inning games.

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