Looks like a lot of rain for the weekend

90% Friday and 80% Sat…so tired of all of this…we may have to play 2 Sunday.

Tomorrow’s forecast looks pretty good from noon-10pm. I’m guessing there’s no way to move the start time up an hour or two because it’s being televised though.

After 10 it just looks like scattered thunderstorms, so we might luck out and finish the game without any interruptions, provided things don’t change between now and then, which they probably will.

Mike Bianco brings the rain. It always rains when Ole Miss comes to town.

The Friday and Saturday start times are locked in because of TV.

Saturday looks a little cool with rain and storms early, but clearing out before game time at 3.

Sunday looks like a good day for baseball.

He can bring whatever he likes. I just hope he leaves with a couple losses! A lot is said about the LSU series, but Ole Miss has been a thorn in our side for awhile now as well. We haven’t won a regular season series against them since 2015, and the last series win before that was 2011. We owe them a bad weekend for sure. I’m looking forward to Ryan Olenek being gone after this year. He always seems to go off against us and have a big moment play at the plate, usually a double ending in a celebration at 2nd base.

I’m just going by what it says on weather.com it’s a 90% chance of rain for Friday night and 80% chance of rain for Saturday so I guess we will see Sunday looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day that’s why I think we may end up playing 2 on Sunday.yeah it’s very frustrating to always have to worry about rain we play at home will be so glad when we get actually decent baseball weather to play in…

I agree how about olenek he wore us out last year but then again he’s hitting over 400 and he had a very high average last year he just does a great job of putting the bat on the ball I’ve seen him get completely fooled on a pitch and he just flicked it out in the outfield because he has such good balance at the plate. He doesn’t swing and miss a whole lot.


I sure hope that is accurate…need to play tomorrow…

Are they in a delay?

the game is on ESPN news until hockey gets over with Hogs up 2-0 in the top of the second

3-0 now in the third

4-1 but Campbell is getting the ball up there one hit away from making it 4- 3. They have hit the ball off of him he only has one strikeout

Too bad Hogs aren’t playing in the other Fayetteville, the one in NC where I live. Forecast high Saturday is 77 and sunny. Brand new $40 million minor league park here too.

Latitude-wise, Fayetteville, NC, is slightly north of Conway, but doesn’t seem to get the extremes of weather Arkansas gets, either heat, cold or tornadoes. Hurricanes are another issue though.