Looks like a great start to the weekend for CM and staff

Where are all the recruiting and CM doubters to at least give a shout out? Appears 2 very nice pick ups today

I agree, waiting on the boob squad to speak

R.D. and D.D. said there should be some commitments this month. These are two good ones to get things rolling.

Yes. Big day. Good job by them.

Still 20 days in June.

Absolutely a big day for the good guys. Me thinks a sign of things to come…

Seeing those 2 commitments pop up on my phone while sitting 8 rows behind home plate at the Super Regional and then watching us win game 1…man oh man…I couldn’t have asked for a better day! Thanks for the great work RD and DD, you boys knew some stuff was cooking!

I’m starting to believe that this staff is more about actions than words!

A positive comment?!?

Mercy…I like it!!

This is great news and kicks off momentum. I feel good that this staff is going to bring in the talent.


I agree, waiting on the boob squad to speak

[/quote] +1

That’s the difference between you and I. I’m not a one-trick pony. I try to be objective.

I watched you refuse to do the same and complain about Bielema at literally every turn, even on occasions when he did something right or the right way–or when something had nothing to do with him but you found a way to work it back to him.

This isn’t to relitigate Bielema. I understand why he had to be fired. But I would just as soon you ignore my posts as I mostly do yours. I have the utmost lack of respect for your opinion and the way you have gone about spewing it.

Yes. More coming.

It’s a good start, and positive indications. BUT - we’re still near the bottom of the SEC. It’s not like we have a haul of 4-5 stars. We have one 4 star commit. It was great that we got him to flip, so we have got to keep that going. The in state kids need to come. We need them more than all of the rest.

It’s still a long way to go.

Richard, any idea of when? Thanks for all you do

You need to change your name from Elmo to Eeyore you gloomy gus

I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. And I noted the efforts of the staff. It’s a good start. But we need more. We are so far behind in the SEC rankings.

Since we are changing it to eeyore, I think you mean he’s a gloomy ass.

Feel good about Spivey. We’ll see. OL Triston Miller and Trevor Roberson are others I think could commit in June.