Looking/Thinking Ahead to Next Year

I know I shouldn’t and just enjoy this team now(which I am), but…

Who fills the minutes of Moses and Justin Smith? What kind of game does K Johnson bring(small forward or PF)? I’m assuming the Juco F is a stretch 4? Moses does so many things well besides scoring/shooting, so is the FR from Georgia the same kind of player/scorer?

I can see KK developing into a solid PG along with JD with more time with these coaches and Devo needs to develop his 3point and right handed game. To me, we will greatly miss Moses and Smith next year…those two have been DUDES this year for us. JW will be better next year as well.

Doc I think about this all the time. When we lost Mason and Isiah I thought we were doomed until I saw what Moses could do. I think Moses replaced Isiah without any drop off. I’m not sure we replaced Mason but we did change how we played.

Hopefully next year we can replace these guys the same way we did with Mason and Isiah.

Dunno how next year will play out…but I thought all our players get an extra year due to COVID…am I wrong?

The major difference in this years team was depth! Length overall for this years Hogs has greatly improved the rebounding. Devo took the mid range game of Whitt ! Moses and Joe are very similar both play solid defense and could score. Comparing Mason Jones to Justin Smith they are just too different! It would have been nice for both of these guys to be on this years Hogs team.
Overall this years Hogs are better just because of depth! Next year the improvements will come to light the same way. Recruiting will pick up and we will see the proof on the court.
Maybe the hogs get a player or two to come back next year that we don’t expect too! I sat watching the LSU game and thought what it would be like to have a true point guard! Also I thought what it would have been like for Reggie Chaney to have been able to stay out of trouble and remained a part of the team. Change is what we will see on the roster each year. We might as well get ready for it. The transfer portal has opened up the free agent market so that door is open too!

If players have the extra year and Tate and Smith return, Muss then has existing talent along with the new recruits to have a great team.

Don’t forget Gabe. He became a valuable player at WVU. Still doesn’t score much and still can’t shoot, but getting 4 boards and 1.4 steals a game.

Kamani is a 4. He plays under/around the rim.

Yes. But he’s not a strong 3 point shooter. 30% for his career.

Not as smooth as Moses. But yes, Chance is getting big minutes and maybe start.

Think we’ll have to wait and see what Muss scrounges up in the Transfer Portal to answer this.

They do but Smith and Tate are going to make some money somewhere next year.

Moody is going to be a lottery pick.

I think Chance is a good bet to get most, but not all of Moses minutes. Bet we’ll see quite a bit of a 3 smaller Guard lineup with a pool of KK, JD, DD and Desi. I think Connor improves, and Ethan may have served notice that he can contribute more next year. It may be Justin Smith by committee with Ethan, Baybe and Kamani.

I wouldn’t bet against at least one of them (Tate or Smith) coming back.


I would love to read DD’s thoughts on this matter. He knows the current team AND the incoming recruits.


Yes you are right. Gabe would have been one to bang down low too!

If Gabe were still at UA, Justin Smith likely would be playing somewhere else. Worked out well for both of them…

Gabe was never going to start for Mike or Muss because he’s so offensively limited. If Gabe were still on our roster Justin wouldn’t be getting any fewer minutes.

I agree. I was just saying there might not have been a roster opening for Justin if Gabe stayed at UA.

The roster spot would have been available for Justin Smith. Gave could have made an impact on defense! His offense is limited to dunks!

Last year would have been the year of Gabe. He’d have played major minutes last year, and then would have exhausted his eligibility. He would not have taken a roster spot from this year.

Nope. Gabe was immediately eligible at WVU; he got a waiver while CV and Notae didn’t. This would have been his fourth season as a Hog if he hadn’t been invited to leave.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Arkansas automatic. Any player leaving Arkansas is immediately eligible at anothet school. No questions asked. The opposite applies on players transferring to Arkansas. I still say Gabe plays a lot last year. Not as much this year.

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Gabe would have been a rebound magnet last year and Muss would have used him in spots this season. The same could have applied to hard head Chaney.