Looking the other way at OU

Surprised there has been no comment here.

We knew that OU running back Joe Mixon had punched a female student at a Norman cafe before his freshman season, that there was a video of the incident which had not been made public, and that the OU administration, from Bob Stoops all the way up to David Boren, decided to let Mixon stay in school, “suspend” him for a year (what would otherwise be known as a redshirt) and remain on the team. And so they did, and he has played the last two seasons, gaining over 1900 yards for the Paperclips.

Well the video is out now. And it’s disgusting. If you can watch this and not get angry, I feel sorry for you.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.si.com/college-football/2016 … d-oklahoma”>http://www.si.com/college-football/2016/12/16/joe-mixon-assault-video-released-oklahoma</LINK_TEXT>

Thank goodness our administration would not put up with this. Of course, if Mixon hadn’t been a 5-star, he would have been sent packing at Mobilehoma too. But those 5 stars made him worth keeping around.

I detest OU and wittle Bobby Stoops. He can whine all about stuff all he wants but things like this show his true character.

This is so much like the Ray Rice situation it’s a little freaky. Football player assaults a woman, there is video evidence that is not originally made public, player is initially welcomed back to the team, then the video comes out. Ray Rice’s NFL career was over when TMZ got that video; no team would touch him after that. You wonder if the same applies to Mixon. Since he’s been out of high school for three seasons, he could enter the NFL draft – but the league that wouldn’t touch Ray Rice, a Pro Bowl level performer, is not going to take a chance on a college kid who did the same thing.

And since the punch-up at the cafe, Mixon has had an episode with a parking cop at OU, which does not suggest that his anger management issues have subsided.

Here’s what Berry Tramel of the Daily Okie has to say about the situation this morning: <LINK_TEXT text=“http://newsok.com/mixon-video-brings-th … le/5531258”>http://newsok.com/mixon-video-brings-the-day-of-reckoning-for-bob-stoops/article/5531258</LINK_TEXT>

Caveat: Tyreek Hill, who started his career at Okie Lite, was also involved in a domestic violence situation. Mike Gundy, to his credit, showed some evidence of manhood and sent Hill packing. Hill wound up in Division II, kept his nose relatively clean and is now in the NFL, playing very well for the Chiefs. But KC has taken some heat for drafting him, a few years after a Chiefs player killed his girlfriend and then himself.

I seldom take anything from the Daily Okie as fact, but in this case Tramel is dead-on. Waiting as long as they did to release the video has just intensified the scrutiny; of the incident and, even more so, of the handling of the incident. The fact that Mixon has shown no apparent gain of impulse control is damning. I would think that the NFL would be leery of him.

I’m not going to out the poster who did this, but I got a PM suggesting that Mixon has “paid his debt to society” – deferred sentence, 100 hours of community service and the one-year suspension – and deserved a second chance. Furthermore, that kicking him out of school would have deprived him of the structure and support from the school and the team to allow him to get his act together.

I don’t agree with this, but it’s a reasonable devil’s advocate position, and I’m sure some of that was going through David Boren’s mind when he agreed to let Mixon stay in school.

But ain’t no way that spending a redshirt year in the weight room, and 100 hours picking up trash, reading books to school kids or whatever else he did for community service, pays his debt to society for this one, much less to the woman he clobbered.

The video is sickening. Glad I’m not the young ladies dad. I would be in prison now.
I’m certain that CBB, Long and those above them would have sent him packing.
OU has hurt themselves.

Not surprised. Ou has always been a dirty program with a lot of low character guys. Stoops is no better than Briles, just gets a lot of free passes like Saban.

Stoops recruits people who beat up women, Briles recruits people who rape women. I’d give the slime edge to Briles, but not by much.

Stoops is a classless ass. My daughter was a hostess at a function in OKC last year and was introduced to him. She told him she was a Razorback fan. His reply “how’s it feel to be a loser”. Anybody with any class at all would have said something good about the program. (Even if they didn’t believe it )
She also said he was an a-hole to another girl.
I don’t think mixon was punished enough. He should have gone to jail.
Stoops has no character and will always recruit thugs like this.

Sounds like Stoops might have similar issues behind closed doors.

I was not surprised by Stoops. He has always been a jerk. If Boren had not stepped in, the player would have played as a true freshman. Boren made him suspend him. And some fans were mad at Boren. Go figure.

After reading this thread, it is obvious that Texas and OU deserve each other- a perfect marriage made in Hell.

What slime!

And they also have DeDe Westbrook, who was involved in domestic violence two years ago.

http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/o … b1b31.html

And remember they also signed that classless receiver, Dorial Green-Beckham.

They create their own problems with the players they sign and then push their crimes under the rug.

Orville summed it up best several years ago when doing a review of OU’s approach to criminal behavior — “let freedom ring”.

OU has NEVER stood for integrity or personal responsibility. Change the names and Orville’s 30 year old column would fit this latest outrage like it was written yesterday.

If the DA had brought charges against Mixon this would of been much easier for all… but since he did not charge him …

It changed the dynamics of the episode.

As far as Stoops … my interaction with him have shown him to be a pretty stand up guy. He has done some pretty incredible, non credit seeking, things with sick children and adults. He, like most here, is not perfect but he does put great effort out to many needy projects.

Be careful with superficial things when measuring a man.

It does not change what the video shows.

I know HOGinBA’s daughter. She is a charming young woman who has worked in various positions in the restaurant business. If she said that Stoops was a jerk, believe it.

Unfortunately the young lady’s injuries weren’t superficial.

Stoops sounds even worse now, if that is possible, with his statement that now (2 1/2 years later) he would be dismissed…“times have changed…” Really? He would do the right thing now 2 1/2 years later. Please. He is only reacting to the well-justified criticism over this issue. Kid got a slap on the wrist and a red-shirt year from OU.

For the sake of truthfulness, red shirts can work out with the team, practice, etc. Mixon was not able to do any of that. He could participate in no team activities.