Looking silly at the plate right now.

Don’t look comfortable at all.

Looking better!
That out at 2nd of Shaddy was huge. We would be tied right now.

I don’t know if I agree with that. Arkansas has 11 hits and five walks. The problem, like at Florida last week, is that they haven’t strung enough hits together.

Left too many on base, but that’s the problem with a good-hitting team. There’s always going to be runners on base when you fail to get the two-out hit. I thought that last fly ball was a two-run homer off the bat. But it didn’t carry as far as I thought it would.

There was a strong wind last night, but virtually no wind tonight. There have been two or three fly balls that would have been gone last night.

we still take to many pitches IMO especially on FB…you are taught to expect Fb and adjust to the CB but we take a lot of FB and I as good as we are hitting HR there are several of those that are VERY hittable.