Looking like we'll be an 8

Even after the loss, mock brackets updated last night keep us on the 8 line.

Under the S curve of seeding, you can sorta figure out where the committee (or a bracket,) ranks a team. One bracket I saw this morning has us as an 8 against Iowa. In Des Moines. That would suggest that we’re the #32 team and Iowa is #33.

No way they put the Hawkeyes in Des Moines for a first round game with their crappy seed. As long as we don’t have a true road game like that we should have a strong chance to get past the first round. Winning two in three days is a whole other story with this team.

Don’t hold your breath. Committee likes to save money, and letting Iowa take a 115-mile bus trip down I-80 saves money (and ensures a sellout). As long as Iowa hasn’t played more than three games in Des Moines (they haven’t played any), they can be sent there. We could get sent to North Little Rock if the powers that be at Simmons Bank Arena would get off their butts and make the upgrades to get the NCAA back (they won’t because they don’t care about having sports).

If we win the first game, I feel we have little chance of beating a 1 seed. The script is out there on how to beat us and a #1 seed will have the athletes to execute that game plan.

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I respectfully disagree because we’ve yet to play two games consistently (well) since NSJ came back.

This season has been a crap shoot! Nobody knows what is going happen or how this years Hogs will play that includes Muss! Coin flip.
As Cub fans say well next year!

ahhh … the chemistry consideration

Well the one thing we can all take solace in is that our schedule and the league we play in will have us probably better prepared than any 8 seed in the tournament. We have seen every type of offense/defense you can possibly see in college basketball and that has to help us initially. We may can win the first game and if we are clicking on all cylinders for all 40 minutes and not 34 of them we may can shock the #1 seed in the second round.
We have played a very difficult schedule and that will help us I believe,but still boils down to you have to have the ability to score the ball.Therein lies our problem in most every game we have lost.

Keeping our focus will determine our success in the Tournament. We keep good focus in both half’s of our games, we got a shot at the sweet sixteen. Lose that focus, we get bumped in the first game.

I don’t think we have trouble scoring the ball when we make crisp passes and stay in motion! We have trouble scoring when we run our one man offense and four watch from a distance which gives us absolutely no chance for an offensive rebound. You give me this team staying in motion and making good passes, along with playing defense with our feet and not reaching making cheap fouls and we can and will play with anyone! WPS

Matrix has updated twice today and we’re still the #2 8 seed. The S-curve would put us against the #3 1-seed in the second round, if the committee agrees and sticks to the S-curve.

Is that Purdue?

Nope. The Matrix has three teams that are #1’s on every bracket: Bama, Kansas, and Houston.

Kansas got beat tonight and Sasser got hurt for Houston, so we’'ll see if either one affects the seeding. Purdue is the #4 1-seed, and I wouldn’t be totally shocked if UCLA gets a 1 instead.

And San Diego State is trying hard to give away a lead against Utah State. Given the way they showed their azz in Maui, I will not mind a USU victory.

yeah I totally agree but the problem with is we run the 1 dribbling 4 watching way more than the motion offense or it sure does appear that way.

That’s called the offense to help the opponent rest on D. It does another critical thing. It takes away any chance of keeping a flow and kills time. Normally our hugs end up with a horrible shot! Just what our opponent needs
If the hogs win the first game it should be a major accomplishment!

I’m not sure but I believe the 1 dribbling
4 watching allows us to rest so they can play hard on defense but that’s just my reason for it. I never have heard him asked that question.

That’s the offense designed to get Nick 20 shots.

Sunday morning Matrix update still has us as the #2 8 seed. We’ll see if the committee agrees.

Also interesting that there were no bid thieves this year, which is rare. Good news for Vandy, but I don’t think they’re getting in in spite of going 10-2 since Feb. 1. They had probably eliminated themselves before that.

I’ve seen several brackets sending us to Des Moines as an 8 against a Big Ten team, either Iowa or Illinois. Either one would have plenty of fans, but Iowa obviously would have more. It’s 430 miles from Fayetteville to Des Moines, by the way, about the same distance as to Omaha.

Not sure I’d want to ask Muss that question using this description of his offense :grimacing:

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Unfortunately, that’s what it is far too often.