Looking like no UT-OU until 2025

Big 12 schools didn’t want to lose any money, Fox wanted compensation for losing its two main BT draws, and ESPN couldn’t or wouldn’t make up the difference.

Oh boy. The farewell tour for OU and Texass just got longer. They will take a lot of heat from the fan bases in the Big 12 for a couple more years. Hate that for them.


Big 12 is going to be a mess for two years.


I know they will soon be fellow conference members and we should all stick together and root for our brothers against the world. But I can’t help but smile a little seeing UT and OU get the dirty end of the stick in the Big XII.

Arkansas got treated the same way when we left the SWC. The difference was that we always got treated about that badly, while UT and OU thought and acted like the Big XII world revolved around them.


Best news for Horns and Sooners to continue to get pounded before the SEC march begins. Let the 2025 SEC SEC chants begin when those two go on the road.

I am sure the SEC took the approach of what was best for the current members and let 2025 stand. It will delay the learning curve by two years which will benefit the Hogs, imho.

Greg Sankey has said there was nothing he could do on our end; it was up to the Orphans to extract themselves if they were going to join earlier. I’m sure ESPN played a big role in this, but it was ESPN acting in its own interests, not at the behest of the SEC. Basically they would have needed to cough up some money to get them out of the Little Dozen earlier, and whatever they were willing to do wasn’t enough.

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It has always been a long shot for either team to join the SEC before 2025.

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More details on the stalled negotiations:

Looks like the main stumbling block was how to create value for Fox for losing 7 games involving EOE and Zero U.

It’s not 100% dead, just 99%.

It’s always about the $s. Or in this case the millions $s.

Of course the million$ are why Texas and OU want to join the SEC anyway.

Those two will not have the benefit of good officiating per usual since the front office is pissed… that will help them adjust to what they will face in the SEC.

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Well it ain’t over till it’s over, I’d like to see it happen and liven things up a tad. :sunglasses:

Sounds like the Big 12 did a good job of protecting itself in case something like this happened. They had a good basically ironclad contract that even Texas couldn’t break


They could have broken it by throwing enough money at it, but chose not to do that. And OU probably couldn’t afford to throw that much money.

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