Looking like Mack Brown back to UNC

Not quite a “done deal” just yet, but looking likely.

One rumor making the rounds is that if hired by N. Carolina, Brown will bring Coach Bro as his Offensive Coordinator and hire Gene Chizik as his Defensive Coordinator.

That’s the type of opportunity I mentioned might lure Kingsbury to an OC job. Obviously, Brown would be a 3 to 5 year solution, given his age. By then, with success, KK would have either been hired away by someone as a HC, or could simply assume that role at NC once Brown retired. Same goes for Chizik.

If it materializes, could be a very good hire for UNC.

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Terrible hire if true. About as bad as the Raiders hiring Gruden after 10 years away from coaching.

brown is a great re recruiter. rumor i read had kingsbury as offensive coordinator. i think he has a couple of qbs playing in the nfl and one is mahomes at kansas city. he’s going to go after bryant hard.

I guess we’ll find out, but I’m not so sure about that . . . IF he hires the right coordinators.

If he can get the two I mentioned in the OP (Kingsbury and Chizik), then I think he might do very well. Both of those guys are very successful at their specialties (Offensive for KK, Defense for Chizik), and are still young enough to be hungry for another HC shot. I believe they could fill out a staff that would be aggressive recruiting. And Brown is a well-known name who can still come into a living room and make an impression.

That’s where college ball is significantly different from the NFL. While the pros do have free agent signing, their primary life blood is the Draft. In College, you can sign all the difference makers you can convince to come your way (up to 25).

Will be interesting to see who he ends up hiring as coordinators, and how it plays out.

I just don’t see those guys as “THE Coordinators”…Chizik seems real happy doing studio work, I think he still has a kid playing HS and only 1 year since he quit the same position and KK can get a HC position somewheres…just an opinion…I know nothing :sunglasses:

Chizik left NC 2 years ago as DC to be with family, why would he go back? Kingsbury can probably name what team he wants to go to, he is that highly thought of as an OC. If the NFL or Bama do come calling I doubt he turns either down for UNC. Mack Brown may have been an ok coach back in the day, but he has not coached in 6 years and was fired from Texas for a reason. Most high school recruits now probably have no idea who he is.

http://footballscoop.com/news/mack-brow … ead-coach/

if you read further down the new WKU coach will be Helton now exOC from UTn. Western is looking like Colo St in that they will be down from usual standards next year.

I had forgotten that Chizik was at UNC if I ever knew; so I agree that one is unlikely. But the bigger point is that with the right coordinators (whoever they may be), I still think this can be a good hire. Brown has always been a “CEO” head coach anyway. He’ll get good assistants (and I believe his network is still strong) and let them do their thing. I think Texas arrogance got the best of his program down in Austin, but the arrogance in Chapel Hill is in the Basketball program, not football.

As for the kids not knowing who he is, I’ll give you a 1/2 point for that, because they still do watch at least some college ball on TV and he is front and center in the studio shows for some big games, so there’s that. But, also, never under-estimate the power of the Mama’s and Dad’s that absolutely will know who Coach Brown is, and that he coached Ricky Williams and Vince Young. That will be some positive mojo in the Living Room.

I think it’s generally a bad idea to hire re-treads, especially when they’re over 70 years old.