Looking like it'll be Bama rematch

They’re up 5-1 on UGA batting with 2 outs in the top of the 7th. Bama got all its runs in the first two innings. UGA has one solo HR, also before the rain delay.

Yeah and this guy who had an 11 era coming in to this game has looked like Nolan Ryan struck out 10 batters in 4 1/3 in which is totally saved their bullpen. But they just took him out after giving up a hit and a walk.

I noticed that. Just our luck to face a fresh BP. Oh well, we’re gonna have to play a lot better tomorrow than we did last weekend or we might be in for a short trip in Hoover & a quick trip to Stillwater.

Well they did have to bring in their best LH it will be interesting to see if they start the LH who started against us Saturday but if they do he will only be on 3 days rest but I would not be surprised to see if he can give them what he can give them

UGA is making it somewhat interesting, hitting a 2 run HR in B8. It’s now 5-3 going into the 9th inning. The Bama reliever has thrown 30+ pitches, but he’s the only pitcher who has come in out of the BP.

Bama will have pretty fresh pitching staff tomorrow.

I hope Georgia tied it’s up and they play 20 innings.

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You beat me to it. That’s exactly what I’m hoping for, too

Not to be. Bama wins 5-3. The closer only threw about 10 pitches. He’ll be available tomorrow.

I’m afraid this wasn’t a particularly stressful game for Bama.

Haven’t done the research, so big disclaimer…… but I would guess over the past 10 years, the 1-4 seeds have won the Wednesday games in Hoover 2 to 1 over the 5-12 seeds.

Haven’t researched it, either, but I’d guess the same thing.

I stand corrected. Just looked up results of last 10 Tournaments. Of Wednesday results only (first game for top 4 seeds), the record for the past 10 tournaments is 22-18, in favor of top seeds.

Much more of a toss up on Wednesday than I guessed.

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It’s not good the rile up a Razorback both times Alabama has done that the Razorbacks have struck back with a vengeance after losing 12-3 in Tuscaloosa in 2019 the Razorbacks responded with a 10-0 spanking and last year in Fayetteville after losing 16 to 1 the Razorbacks responded with a 9-1 thrashing so I guarantee you they will be raring to go tomorrow whenever they get to play

The good news that today was much less stressful for our guys.

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This is a home game for Bama.

This is a huge ballpark their presence will not be a factor especially the time of day we will be playing

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Agreed Youdaman! They will have fans but nothing like playing at home field plus you have iffy weather and a team not sure if making the tournament so interest may not be that high but could be wrong.


Based on what I see on TV, Alabama only fills up about 25% of its stadium in Tuscaloosa.



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If there was a Spring football game tomorrow, Bama wouldn’t have any fans there at all, Billy. They don’t care about baseball. We need to beat that a$$ like they stole from us.

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