Looking like Cubs will win "World C-Ries"

Just wanted to post that…surprised no one else called it that…with both teams using the big, red “C” as their iconic logo…

How are there so many Cub fans in the stands @ Cleveland? Every time the Cubs scored there is a huge roar and Cub fans all over celebrating. How does that happen in the World Series?

Chicago = “New York lite” ==> LOTS of money + more than a century of frustration ==> ticket prices are almost no barrier to purchase. Even in virtually equally World Series starved Cleveland. Chicago $$ > Cleveland $$

Go Tribe!

I think it’s easier for opposing fans to get tickets to pro events than college. As mentioned, there is a lot more money in the large metro areas, plus pro tickets are bought by as many corporations as individuals and resold at a higher rate.

Watch just about any NFL game and you’ll see something similar, especially if the game involves the Cowboys, Steelers, Packers or Broncos. Those are national brands, like the Cubs, and typically comprise 25 percent or more of the seats at any game those teams play. Add in the element of history like last night and it wasn’t surprising at all to see that many Cubbies in attendance.