Looking forward to returning Monday

Looking forward to returning to writing on Monday after a less than ideal summer off with the strokes and the recovery process. Can’t thank the doctors and caregivers, my friends and - most of all - my trainer/nutritionist/wife/first and last love/best friend Petra enough. I weigh 220, the lowest in a decade. As my man - first name Charlie, last name Wilson - says, there ain’t no better than the one I got.



Looking forward to having you back. You were missed. I’m with you Dudley. I have a wonderful wife. We will celebrate our 49th anniversary Saturday.

Aloha DD,

I think it’s safe to say HI Nation looks forward to your return just as much if not more than you do! Glad to have you back on the mound. Just take it easy. You’re a starter, not a reliever. We need you to go the distance.


Same here DD!

Going to be great having you back, Dud.

Great news! Proud for you brother! I know you feel better…look forward to have you reporting again…

Will be looking forward to all those great Dudley posts for a long time to come!

Awesome! We get Dudley off the injured reserve list…Looking forward to getting one of my favorite sports writters back. We love you brother.

More good news, I like this. Happy for you, Dudley.

HI / WHS Family is complete again.