Looking forward to going to OM

Ohhh, you mean the fans? Of course officials make mistakes, on both sides. Who cares. It’s a part of the game. And it’s a part of the game to yell at the refs DURING the game. But when it’s over, show sportsmanship. Shake hands and move on. Don’t think CEM or the players are blaming the officials. Thank goodness they aren’t moping around pointing the fingers at the refs! Get to work. Get better. Move on.

Everyone is overlooking Days shooting. He was a 28% 3Pt shooter, going against AR (the #1 3pt defense team, allowing 22%), and he shot 67% (2/3) on threes. If he hits his average (1/3) we win. Having 16 rebounds was pretty good as well. He was also 4/5 on 2 pt’s. 80%.

Bet he doesn’t shoot that way at BWA, or another game this year.

I’m also not sure anybody else this year will have those numbers.

Likewise if Desi shoots like he did last year, or hits the shot at the end of the half like he did last game, we win.

OM will be tough in Oxford but Hogs should win barring a complete meltdown, we have to play well enough the home officiating calls don’t make a difference.

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