Looking forward to going to OM

Ready to get down there and get a road win under our belt. Tough match up with LSU. The fact we had the lead with a minute to go considering our rebounding woes is amazing. They will learn. Now let’s go to OM and get a win and then go get Vandy at home.

It’s not really anything to learn. Rebounding is rebounding, we can’t compensate for height and jumping ability. Still, we’ve been getting the shaft by officials at LSU for years.

OM is not very good that’s for sure, but we have to play them and respect them like they’re a top-10 team or we will let them beat us . We have very little margin for error

Nah we got calls we shouldn’t have. The end of the game was fair.

HA! I counted 2 calls that were completely bogus that we got. I counted at least 15 that LSU got. Big difference.

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Has this team ever made you think they aren’t taking the opponent seriously. We need to go down there and take care of business and get the bad taste out of our mouth.

From your tv?

We recruited ours they bought theres and still one stop from a win.

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I’ve officiated for years and know most of the rules very well.

They sure haven’t…just making the statement that everyone will play better at home and get the calls so we have to come out with our defense back on point and we will be fine…this team has heart!

That’s your argument. These refs are dumb and you’re smart. They’re still reffing your aren’t. Not wanting to make it personal but you’re digging a hole here. No one blames refs. That’s just silly. Move on. Start a refs thread. This is about OM.

Absolutely. I think they will. They are young and growing. One veteran on this team.

sure hope so b/c OM is not that great,really can’t afford to lose to them.

They replay on the base line was off LSU! They still got the ball. Refs let LSU by with pushing off and grabbing all night. The game changed on Chaney’s T! That’s the lesson needs to be gained from tonight!
The other lesson is to make the extra effort to rebound! Drive the darn ball to the hole. I was proud of the teams fight!
Ole Miss will be ready.

Chaney not only hurt us with that double foul, but sitting him for the rest of the game hurt our rebounding as well. Benching him was the right decision. He could have helped us if he was focused and playing like I know he can. Two games in a row where he has made stupid mistakes in a short period of time isn’t going to do anything for his confidence or the coach’s confidence in him.

Guessing there will be blockout drills and staying in front of your man drills in their future. You can’t jump with them but you can block them out better.
Played hard but offensive rebounds and drives to the basket killed us. Still had chances to win. We will learn from it

HA! no, what I’m saying is I can see obvious mistakes or blatant home cooking.

Digging a hole? Because I know when officials make mistakes?

No one blames officials? HA! you’ve never officiated a ball game before in your life if you think that.


Fixed it for you

Home cooking has always been the same in basketball… we get it at home but when it’s your team none of us add up the plus calls when it goes our way but it’s sure easy to focus on the “bad” calls on the road. Bad calls didn’t beat the Hogs in this game, giving up 53 rebounds did.

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Actually I do it all the time.