Looking forward to Auburn game

Ready to see how this team responds to another road game against an up and coming team. I think most fans would be happy opening SEC with 2-1 with our opening 3 games. I’ll definitely take it. Protect home and steal some road games gets us 14-4 or 15-3 in SEC.

But most importantly, I just want to see how we respond on Saturday. Tuesday is over and in the past. Let’s move forward. We’ve got a great ball club that is still learning. We really need get to the line and improve FT shooting and I think we will be just fine.

Great post.

I think we beat Auburn.

I’m hoping for an improved performance over last night’s poor effort, but I don’t see it happening based on Auburn destroying Tennessee at Tennessee. I believe they will blow us out if we don’t step it up.

The faster tempo will get the hogs going. Last night shouldn’t suprise anyone. The free throw line was the difference! In a few weeks we get Moo U at home. If they shoot 40 free throws they may win again if we go to the line 12 times. Live ball turnovers throughout the game keep the hogs from building a lead and fouling keep Moo U in this game. There was no flow to this game and it was stopped for free throws.
Late the ballgame the ball needed to move and it stayed put for one on one moves that ended in turnovers. The hogs gave it away and need to learn from this one.
No reason to sound an alarm MA is pretty smart and he will fire them up.

The 4 spot as a complement to Gafford is an issue at a very good rebounding AU. Thomas and Cook are not big enough to be bangers in the paint, which is what we need to fix one of our big issues - Rebounding. They both are playing pretty good but it would help Gafford if they were bangers to help Gafford.

Bailey is so athletic but his size is a tweener 3 or 4. Bailey brings an element of athleticism that counters his lack of size which is a good mismatch against some teams. Thomas is the closest to being a banger and thankfully he is playing pretty good right now.

At the 5, I wish Trey Thompson was playing better and more agile to play more minutes to keep Gafford fresh. A fresh Gafford is going to get less fouls and win us some games.

We need our guards to penetrate and kick out to the open shooter or take it to the basket/draw fouls. Macon and Barford are quite good and Beard is not bad at penetration and this may be what we need against AU. We have to hope CJ Jones hits his shots so we can play him a lot and keep Macon, Barford and Beard fresh. We are top 10 good if we have 2 or more guards hitting the 3s.

We don’t play Moo U again. I think you’re confusing them with Ole Piss

I won’t call us Top 10 good, yet. We aren’t far, but I just don’t see us there as of now. As for CJ, I agree if he had a good game the past two games, we blow TN out in regulation and we win last night. Something is wrong with his shot. Eveytime the ball left his hand last night (and mostly against TN), I could tell it was off. I’m not sure what changed from pre Christmas Break, to after, but his shot doesn’t look like it’s going in anymore. Maybe someone better at analyzing shots can look and see if there are any tweaks that they notice.

Having said that, I think a lot of guys bounce back against AUB.

I hope we can get focused and win it.

We have to fix or mask the 4 spot and power game and provide balance to our long game.

We have to challenge bigs in the paint and draw fouls or other team will keep shooting more free throws than us.

Let’s hope that this helps motivate the team. The Misstake players said stuff about rebounding and blocking out, that is going to sting enough to piss off CMA and Co…I hope

“Coach Howland had told us that they’re not a great blocking-out team and if we go hard enough we can get second-chance shots,” the elder Weatherspoon said. “He said if we crash hard enough the opportunities are there because they do not box out.”

Your right.

We need to hope that the same refs are calling this game. We know how that is going to turn out. JMO

“Coach Howland had told us that they’re not a great blocking-out team and if we go hard enough we can get second-chance shots,” the elder Weatherspoon said. “He said if we crash hard enough the opportunities are there because they do not box out.”

I’d like to think that would motivate them, but I don’t think it will make much difference. This has been one our weaknesses for years. There were times I saw when not only did we not box out, but we didn’t even jump up for the rebound.

I love my Hogs, but this has irritated me for a long time. Some times we overcome it. Some times we don’t . A successful formula against us is for their guards to take care of the ball, and to out rebound us and out hustle us.

Of course that is true for most teams, I guess. Seems that is how Ole Miss used to beat us. And Auburn did that to Tennessee. So the Auburn game scares me. Hope I am totally wrong.

If we play like we did against the Sooners we win.

Better be ready to play or it will be a double digit loss

Jones needs to start hitting those 3 pointers and think it is time for Bailey to help off the bench. Our bench has let us down a little the last few games. They have to start showing up and soon

At the end of the day I think the difference between being a 7 to 9 seed in the tourney or being a 3 to 5 seed is for Gafford to play to his full potential

Hope we start seeing that more consistently. We have seen it for sure in a few games.

I’m worried about today. Teams that can hit 3’s AND are great on the offensive glass have historically been krytonite to Nolan and MA teams.

We will have to get both Macon and Barford going. Not just one. and rebound like crazy. They will outrebound us. They emphasize it and Mike really doesn’t (and I love Mike and understand his system on defense does leave you vulnerable on the glass). Bit we have to diminish their advantage.

Most of all…we need to get to the free throw line. And make front ends of one and ones.

Wouldn’t turn them over at least double digit TO’s. Especially if the game goes uptempo.

We do all that and we win.

But that’s alot of stuff.