Looking forward to a svelte Cole Kelly

I really think dropping 20-30 lbs is going to help the big guy in this new Offense. Gotta be more nimble and quick. Of course I also hope we have an O-Line that can protect him better than last year’s did. That was the only advantage to having a 270 lb QB. He was able to take the considerable number of hits he took.

And imagine what dropping that weight will do for his dribbling skills.

Maybe he should keep the weight and had more muscle which would add more weight then he could play on the offensive line.

Bet the offsides penalties might go down–assuming he would know the snap count better than some last year.

I wonder if anyone will call him svelte? It’s a neat word, but I doubt that’s the descriptive word anyone will use next fall.

Cole was a decent BB player in High School…I believe that he played HS football around 245-250, and he was serviceable. He’s never going to be someone who kills opposing defenses with speed, but as I’ve said before, like Matt Jones, he is deceptive.

well done

Matt Jones ran a 4.3 40, there’s nothing deceptive about that.

Cole might run a 5.3 at the moment, weight loss could drop that, but he’s not fast so won’t have too much of an affect. He can throw that ball though, and that’s why he got a scholarship.

Matt was very deceptive with those long strides. DB would see that, take an angle and find out when they got there they were five yards behind. Best example I can think of that was the long run against Ole Miss where he got a 15-yard penalty for dunking the ball over the goalpost.

He also had one down on the plains in 2002 that was the final nail in the coffin Fred Talley constructed for them. Blew the angle up!

Thinking that Kelley will suddenly become swift is a little perplexing to me. Swifter is a possibility. I just don’t see anything to compare him with Matt Jones except that both are tall.

Hey may have been slightly deceptive but it was well known he was very fast, it only takes a look at his tape to see he outran corners easily.

That’s what I mean by he was not deceptive, Kelley isn’t outrunning any corners anytime soon, nor being drafted as a 1st round WR.

Completely different players, don’t see any comparison.

I agree Clay… I am not sure he will get that much faster by losing the weight… I think he will become more injury prone…

Just not sure how that will work…

One of my sweetest memories of Matt- Gators smoking us in the Swamp and a raucous crowd the entire first half. Matt led a comeback, and you could hear a pin drop as Jones outran the corner who had an angle for about 30 yards for the score. Almost surreal.

Yes he outran corners, but it was much easier for him to outrun them when they took bad angles. Which is where that long loping stride came into play.

Regardless of what his speed or weight is , come next fall I will be surprised if he is under center to start the season. I do not see his decision making getting fast enough to go with this new offense but we will see.

Interesting comment? Who do you see with fast decision making to play in this offense?

I agree, but at the same time, 4.3 40 outruns 90 percent of the players on the field.

A true 4.3 that is, not these hand time crap times.

Clay, I do not think he is on campus yet. The championship game with Bama and Ga, featured two true freshmen quarterbacks. The time to read the defense and execute on called pass plays was something under three seconds , many times at two seconds. That is very fast even given the shotgun snaps. Ark has a run option for each pass play in the new offense. Got to execute quickly.

The hs qbs are better prepared for this in today’s game and needing more time to learn is not what it once was as championship game showed. Ark will have learning curve next year either way.

Are you thinking we’re going to sign a QB or that Noland is that QB? You may be right that Kelley can’t play in this offense, but remember he did play in this type of offense in high school (or at least that’s my understanding). Unless there’s a true freshman under center or a transfer, I would not count Kelley out. But it will be an interesting decision and a fun thing to watch for during spring ball.