Looking for feedback from podcasters

If you frequently listen to podcasts, I’m interested to know what kind of Razorback-related podcast(s) would interest you.

Is it commentary? Press conferences? Newsy segments? Something else?

Also, how do you listen to podcasts? In your car? At your desk? On a run? Somewhere else? And how long are you willing to listen each day/week?

Please be as thorough as you can when you answer, and thanks for any feedback you can provide.

What are podcasts? (I might know already but want to be sure.) Is that what you call that One Minute Razorback Radio link up top?

Never mind. Wiki gave me a pretty good answer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast Can’t give you much feedback because I have not used them much at all.

I am interested in press conferences and commentary from writers and former players.

I listen to multiple podcasts daily. SEC Country’s Arkansas podcast isn’t great, but it suffices for a daily dose of info in the Hog realm. It leans football heavy and would prefer a 1/3 split with bball,fball and baseball.

Arkansas fight’s Hog trough fancast is terrible and I no longer listen to it.

I get Bo’s podcast downloaded every evening.

I listen to a number of podcasts relating to politics, fantasy sports, bill simmons, Zach Lowe and news while in my truck, treadmill and in between patients. All on my iPhone

Matt, Hog sports is dying for a good podcast with a nice blend of news and commentary. You, jimmy and Dudley would do a masterful job IMO. Knowledgeable and straight shooters. I don’t need a half hour of sunshine pumped into my ears. I get plenty of that elsewhere.

Addendum: the gold standard in the podcast world is the Serial franchise. Holy smokes is anyone listening to S-town!?!?!?!

Commentary from all of the writers is what I would want. 30-45 minutes is probably the best time frame and it is something that could easily be done once a week or twice a week during busy times(fall and spring practice).

A recruiting podcast with Richard and Dudley would be great as well :smiley:

I listen to multiple podcasts every day. History, movies, trivia, educational. And several Razorback podcasts. Bo Mattingly, John Nabors. SEC Country, Morning Rush. I listen mainly when I am out walking the dog. 6-10 miles a day. I listen when driving. Or by the pool.

I like commentary. Inside information and insight. Panel discussions are enjoyable if the people are knowledgeable and the sound is engineered right. I don’t like call in commentary from dumb people who can’t even form a sentence. It’s generally good when a coach is interviewed. I’m kind of a recruiting news fan, so I like to hear what’s going on there. Practice reports. I’m pretty much a sucker for any Razorback news, so I know I would listen and give it a try.

Any kind of Hog news is good, whether it’s straight-up news or commentary. Occasional sound bites from press conferences or interviews are good. I listen to podcasts because I don’t have time in the day to listen to full-length radio programs, so when I do listen, I don’t want a bunch of lunacy. Entertainment is fine, but not to the detriment of good, pointed news. As somebody has pointed out, a recruiting podcast is always good.
The following comment is not aimed at you or anybody else in particular, but if I listen to a podcast, I want it to have a quality, professional sound. No wild noises in the background, easy, clear sound. You know the old saying, “You’ve got a face best fit for radio” (I resemble that statement), I also believe another adage: “You’ve got a voice best fit for newspapers.” Some people have a professional voice, and others don’t. Again, that’s not aimed at any of the podcasters as much as people who might be guests. lol!
Anyway, can’t wait to hear the podcasts once you get them started.

Matt, my only regret about your podcast is it lasts a minute… make it longer.

Thank you to everyone for your feedback. I’d still love feedback from more, so I’ll keep this pinned a while longer in hopes that more chime in.

We have started doing something resembling a podcast, but a little different than we’ve done in the past with two people sitting down and talking to each other. On our iTunes page you can find a hodgepodge of the interviews our staff does on radio shows, interviews we do with coaches/players about relevant stories and game coverage, and the 1-minute update that is posted most days.

Download our podcast on iTunes if you haven’t already: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/who … 99919?mt=2

Also, please rate the podcast and leave a review - good or bad. We welcome the feedback and it also will help us be found by others who search for Razorback-related podcasts in the iTunes store.

I go to podcasts for more in depth news and commentary than you get on a front page story or tv 5 o’clock news. I like the topic or topics of each podcast to be stated up front so I know whether to invest my time. if it is a topic that interests me then I like a fairly in depth half hour to hour. I go to podcasts for something engaging that will keep my attention for a good while when driving or other times when I have significant time to kill. I’m interested in podcasts about news and commentary that I’m not likely to have read much about during my daily web browsing routine.