Looking for a thread on QB choices today

Not even sure who number 10 is but I had been thinking if KJ were injured today I’d much rather see number 10 enter the game than number 4 as his replacement because he wouldn’t be one dimensional.

Which also probably says Goodbye Malik! I love you, man.

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WHAT is up with Malik???

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I thought Cade ’ Courtney Fortson ’ Fortin, did an admirable job. He’s clearly a better passer than Malik. Which is why he was in there. I have no idea who our QB will be next year. I do think the chances of it being KJ are a lot higher than they were a couple of weeks ago.

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So I think you are saying KJ will return and be our starter next year. So I respond to that by saying we could win most of our games with KJ next year and still lose to Bama, and Georgia, maybe OM, by twenty. I give our Heisman, non-focused QB a C-grade so far this season.

Don’t disagree with the grade. Unless a better one lands in our lap via the portal, he will still be our best option next year. If he comes back.

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Kj played the first half as if he is hurt. He has missed a lot of passes in the last two games. Fortin hit a lot of slants that we don’t do with kj. We miss Burks but our ends are not that bad. K. Jackson has impressed me. Is Kj hurt?

He’s a very upset young man I don’t blame him.He supposedly tried to take his shoulder pads off on the sidelines but a player stopped him. He has taken everything Razorbacks related off his Instagram account I hear as well. I don’t blame the kid if he transferred.He has too much ability to be sitting and watching I wish him the best if he does.


I’m a big fan of his athletic ability. Don’t know if he has a future as a quarterback. One would hope we could find a way to utilize this elite athlete. Have no idea why this has not happened, but one would think our coaches recognize our need to put more speed on the field. If not just watch a replay of today’s game.

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For all the talk about KJ not throwing interceptions a lot of that is because he so slow about pulling the trigger on passses that he either is sacked or tries to run the ball.

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Is KJ slow or does he just not take his reads fast enough?

It is the latter. Briles doesn’t really give him a lot to do at line because of this

KJ is slow pulling the trigger because a lot of times he doesn’t have anybody to throw the ball to and that’s what people don’t understand. A lot of our routes have the receivers all going vertical there is very rarely a check down route for him to throw the ball to so he has to stand there waiting for somebody to try to get open.

I don’t know why we don’t drop the ball off to running backs in the flats or over the middle I don’t know why we don’t use crossing routes to where KJ can get the ball out of his hands very quickly but we don’t.

KJ is holding the ball because he’s trying to find somebody open way down the field and that puts a lot of pressure on the offensive line that’s why you see him holding the ball


KJ can’t throw crossing routes, IMO. I don’t think they trust him to do that. Which is amazing. An SEC quarterback that can’t make those throws.

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The back in the flat has been there kj either doesn’t look or has trouble with the short touch passes

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