Looking back at the failed CCM era ------------------

----------------------------- I don’t buy the “he was just a bad coach and we were stupid to hire him” explanation that seems most popular on the board. He was good enough to turn around SMU and was competitive (at SMU) against several of that level’s coaches who proceeded to kick his butt later at Arkansas (North Texas State, Western Kentucky, Colorado State, etc.). So, why was he suddenly an inept coach when he came to Arkansas?

There is the excuse that Arkansas’s talent was much worse than we all realized. That logic gets shaken when one of those “not talented enough” players goes to Western Kentucky, runs the same offense that Morris thought he did not run well enough at Arkansas, and he was the best quarterback on the field leading his “lower echelon team” to dominate Arkansas and Morris. Meanwhile, players who chose to not play for Morris or were encouraged to leave are now at P5 schools, in the same type offense as Morris’ and playing very well. (Pettway at Iowa State, Nance at Missouri, etc.)

So part of the problem was a failure to develop or keep some of that talent that was at Arkansas. There was also a failure to “buy in” on many of the players at Arkansas when Morris came. You can see the results of that with the team quitting on him as the seaon fizzled on. I assume the SMU players bought in well enough to turn that program around, so what was different at Arkansas? I wonder if Bielema’s disdain for the spread offenses from Malzahn’s to all of the Texas High School coaches’ permeated through his players and caused them to “not to buy in to this former High School coach’s new offensive system?”

There is more to it all than that. Petrino succeeded initially but his character flaws cost him the job before his lack of recruiting success (that led to his recent failure at Louisville) got to kick in. Bielema had succeeded at Wisconsin but he failed miserably at Arkansas. Now, we have a formerly up and coming coach who succeeded at SMU but then failed miserably at Arkansas. They both did not suddenly become stupid and forget how to coach successfully. There is something, other than our conference, about the Arkansas job that is helping to create these formerly successful coaches’ failures. Anyone have any other idea why this might be the case?

I don’t believe that narrative at all. I think there were some leadership issues with Petrino, Beliema, and Morris that caused them to lose credibility with players. Authenticity is extremely important as is sincerity. You can’t say don’t get hammered on the weekend and then walk around drinking your Tito’s all the time.

Look at the number of players that transferred in after Morris left. When you hear other coaches commenting on how easy Arkansas was to prep for under Morris that tells you something. Coaches said similar things about HDN but they also said Arkansas was one of the most physical teams they played back then. They certainly aren’t physical now.

John Chavis(defense0 was the main reason Morris did not make. it.

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It just simply didn’t work.

I don’t think you can point to any one factor.

it was a combination of many.

100 percent correct…before I got banned, I was hoping that he would have read a few of my comments and one was to not bring the chief as his DC…he was terrible the last six years and he had some horses at A&M and did nothing with them…Sumlin was sent packing because of the cHIEf…the other was to get a stud freshman quarterback and play him…had one this year and let him rust…

I’ll disagree on KJ.

While I think he has a great future, I do not think he was ready to take over the team.

Might have been if he had enrolled as a mid-term grad like most of the true freshman QBs who started at other places, but KJ and North Panola head coach Carl Diffee were clear in how it would be best for his future if he redshirted.

They both were actually hoping that he would be able to learn under Kelly Bryant and were rooting for him to be at Arkansas when others were spouting off that KJ would not sign with Arkansas if KB did land here.

Morris oversold from the being. It was the perfect storm. Bielema ‘s recruits and Morris’ recruits. Getting burned by graduate transfers. A volatile tight end, who could have been the best player on the field.
Very limited SEC coaching experience, esp. on the offensive side of the ball. Chavis???
Not enough Burks and Boyds.
Morris takes the fall, because you can’t correct it all.

I also believe he either should of hired a seasoned OC from the start or got rid of Craddock after the 1st year. The SEC is not the conference that you come learn in. Also, if it’s true that he was negative toward Bielema’s players, that’s also a no no…Those players are on the team and needed and you have to figure out how to make it work with your system.

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Could one of the factors be a “if he ain’t one of us, no way can he be good enough” attitude that permeates the University Staff, the Media, the fans, and the players? Wallie loves to harp on Long “bringing in outsiders”, not understanding Arkansas, etc. Once they go away to coach somewhere else are they ever welcomed back? Kenny Hatfield is the only one I can think of and he was not welcomed as a coach, just as a retiree. Malzahn dared to turn us down when our offer compared to Auburn’s would have been turned down by 99% of the coaches in America. Now he is “no good forever” in many fans minds.

I just wonder if we are getting the coaches that we deserve as many fans seem eager to see them fail more than patient to let them succeed?

Dabo Swinney is telling the football coaches and agents that Arkansas is a dumpster fire and no good coach should go there. He is mad that Morris got less than two seasons to turn it around. If that was the only reason, in today’s football world, that would not be too damaging. But there is a repeated history of “formerly successful coaches coming to Arkansas only to fail there” that gives lots more fuel to that dumpster fire description. JMVVVVVHQ

I think these last two games will be somewhat telling if our team was giving a 100% effort for CCM, how will the attitude of the players be. I also think we will see KJ start at Qb, why not? WPS

DD…honestly…and you all have seen it first hand…what was the record you predicted after watching them practice during the preseason? Honestly, I thought Starkel would set the league on fire. He really regressed…why? And why is there no chatter about the chief and his defense? Shaking My Hawg Head…

I think history is now showing the CCM era as a failure because we fired him; I believe maybe too early. His recruiting was stellar (until fired); he needed a QB and he needed some early luck - in hindsight we see he had neither. With another 2 years he might have redeemed himself and resurrected the program. But, he was saddled with the burdens of prior coaching failures and history…and was fired early.

It’s a sad situation. I’m struggling to think anyone qualified is seriously considering our program.

I agree…look at the history of this university…they have given coaches plenty of years to prove themselves…no way should they have fired CCM…but, he should have fired chief and he didn’t and that was his downfall. A true leader know when he has to replace a coach…chief destroyed Sumlin and ended Morris’ tenure. That is the one coach whom for some reason is untouchable and he hasn’t won anything. Morris should still be HC…but with these terrible loses, I can understand replacing him…no more of this chief shiggity…enough of this historical defensive embarrassment…NUFF SAID!!!

That was Chad’s offense, Craddock was just a helper who was supposed to implement Chad’s system. Chad had the headphones on every game and had two off season’s plus in-season game planning to make sure Craddock was doing it the way he was told. Chad also built a resume on getting QBs to run his system. Offensive shortcomings and failures, particularly at QB, are on CM, not on the guy who had the title of OC.

I keep hearing about Dabo trashing AR over the firing of CCM. While I would assume he wouldn’t be be happy about it due to their relationship. But Dabo doesn’t strike me as the type to just demean another program for firing one of his former coaches.
AR is a dumpster fire right now, but for another HC to publicly denounce the program as a whole and encourage other top HC’s to stay away from AR seems a bit over the top to me.
Is their any PC’s or interviews with this on record or confirmed quotes from reputable sports reporters?

If that’s the real Dabo, then that “good ole country boy persona“ he portrays is just a front.

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If Dabo is trashing Arkansas, is that being reported somewhere or is it just hearsay and rumors?

Please link if there is.

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I had 4-8 while winning all the non-conference games or 5-7 if they could beat Ole Miss.

I have seen much discussion about Coach Chavis’ defense this season - none of it positive so I a not sure why you think there has been no chatter about it.

I thought Starkel would be the quarterback and be a good one. I wouldn’t say that I thought he was going to set the SEC on fire, however. I was wrong in thinking he would provide Arkansas with better QB play than it had the previous season.

I’ve only heard it on hear Dudley. As said in a post on this thread.