Looking Back at the AP Preseason Poll

Preseason # 1 headed to the NIT?

With 20 wins, I think they’ll get into the NCAAT. Just for the name recognition and historically being a storied program. Guess we’ll know Sunday, every year some of the committee’s decisions are head scratchers.

I don’t think they will. You know how many brackets on the Bracket Matrix list UNC in the field? One. And that was in the play-in game. Before they lost to UVa. I don’t think 101 brackets are wrong and that one is right.

I’d be surprised if UNC makes the tournament.

UNC being relegated to a play-in game would be too much for me to bear if i was a Tar Heel fan.

UNC resume:
NET 47
BPI 37
KPI 44
Sagarin 35
Pomeroy 44
SOR 53
Q1 record: 1-9 (and if Virginia loses today and drops out of the NET top 30 it will be 0-8).
Q2: 6-4
It doesn’t help that 7 of their wins are Q3-Q4 IN THE ACC. The ACC has been really bad the last two years.

Not a tournament team.

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Is UNC one of the best 64 teams in the country? Yes. Will they make the Tournament? That’s not the criterion for getting in, so although nothing is impossible, no.

I’m not even sure about that, Bob. Are they one of the best 36 that don’t get an automatic bid? Absolutely not.

IMO, won’t get in but I’m often wrong.

You are almost definitely right that they are not one of the 36 teams that deserve an automatic bid. But I think an argument can be made that they are surely one of the best 64 teams in the country. They won 20 games. They had a winning record in the ACC (11-9). They had no blowout losses, they were all no worse than around 10 points, usually a lot closer than that. The loss to Alabama was in overtime. So although their season was extremely disappointing, they are probably better than people think.

Now a lot of this hinges upon the idea that the ACC was really weak this year and an 11-9 record against that schedule is not impressive. Yes, the ACC did not have their usual name teams at the top of the league and National rankings. But it remains to be seen if that is because there were no really good teams, or more because there was more balance top to bottom, or a little of both. I guess we’ll find out in the NCAA Tournament. Which probably won’t include UNC, but weirder things have happened.

SOS particularly on Quad wins lacking.