Looking back at some old Reggie Perry stories

I found one from two years ago where he told me about being a big Duke fan because his cousin, Jay Williams played for Duke in 1999-2002 and was selected in the first round of the NBA Draft in 2002 by the Chicago Bulls.

He talked about waiting on Duke to show more interest. FWIW.

It is going to be interesting how you cover the Hawks as they compete in July. Used to be half the highlights and tweets were about Perry. Maybe the true Hogs can get more exposure now.

I wouldn’t say that. I tweeted out several videos of Justice, Ethan, Desi and Isaiah in action. I wouldn’t doubt I tweeted out more Desi than anyone just because I love how he plays.

Looking forward to the TJ Moss tweets since he’s a Arkansas Hawk now!!

Surely not. I mean, this is all about being close to a sick relative and Duke is almost 9 hours away from Thomasville, GA.

I still think it’s FSU, but just wanted to share.

I know. I’ll just be a little bitter if it’s Duke/Uk/Unc/Ucla etc.