Looking at the weather this weekend

May be playing around thunderstorms Friday and Saturday. 90% at this time.

I have looked at 2 different forecasts and they are completely different. One says anywhere from 60-90% Friday & Saturday and the other says 35-40% for the same time frame. As I have heard before meteorologists are highly education and highly paid guessers though I have to admit they are more right than wrong!

The forecast to follow is the National Weather Service. It says about a 50 percent chance of rain Friday and Saturday, decreasing to 20 percent chance Sunday. Here is a detailed report on the weather for the region this week: https://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx. … n=-94.2079

Matt if we do get rain on Friday, could they push the start until Saturday or will they make every effort to play?

They will try to get as much played as they can every day. Monday is available to finish the regional, but the hope is that there is no more than one game that day.