Looking at the stats

This is a very even matchup w Texas Tech. Should be a good game.

Throw the stats in the garbage can! The hogs need to play some good baseball and score when they have the chance too!
If they play give away at the plate again it’s off to summer ball. Swing at stikes and smart base running on offense.
Nolan Ryan can pitch and win when the don’t score! Campbell should have got the win in game 1.

Looking at the stats we should have kicked Florida state’s@#$$… we’re going to have to rely on a good game from a true freshman I hope our offense all of a sudden wakes up if we do that we’ll be fine

I’m still shocked our hogs didn’t put some runs up against FSU! There’s no excuse for that! And then get beat by giving up an unearned run in the top of the 9th without allowing a darn hit!