Looking at the next month, a lot on the line

Looking at the next 4 SEC games (before we have an open date).

Amazing that I can honestly see us going anywhere from 4-0 to 0-4.

Looking at them in total, not individually, my thoughts are:

4-0 – Incredible. I don’t see this happening but if it did, we would be the toast of the college football world for at least a week!

3-1 – Very happy, good run. That would make us 7-1 (I am assuming we beat Alcorn State). We would still be in the running for an SECW title. We would most likely be in the top 10.

2-2 – I’m fine with that, the season still has a lot of promise. Out of the race (most likely) for the SECW, but still would be 6-2 overall and sitting in the top 20. I’ll take it!

1-3 – Disappointed, but the season isn’t over. 5-3 over all. Not bad, but a downer after starting 3-0. But the schedule is hard and this would not be a shocking result. Probably on the outside looking in at the Top 25, but close enough that if we got hot at the end, we could get back in.

0-4 – Very disappointed. We can still recover and have a decent year, but the shine will be off for sure. Going from 3-0 to 4-4 would suck, but, this is the SECW.

As they say, lots of twists and turns to navigate over the next month. It’s life in the SEC West. Lots of exciting stuff. This is the stretch that Bret Bielema has built his roster to handle. It’s a much deeper roster. More backs. More linebackers. More receivers. More options in the defensive line to play against different styles.

Good outlook, good post.

I think your feelings are where I am right now.

I have been a Razorback so long that I am afraid to get too high. But I am so excited, that I dont want to get to low.

Man, lets sweep the state of Alabama :slight_smile:

and sweep the state of Mississippi…

Another way to look at it is that we are young on offense but should get better each week. Our offense is already better than expected, because so many thought AA would be weak and our RB’s were depleted. The defense is already better than last year’s defense.

A&M - We have played 3 HUNH spread teams, but A&M has not played anyone like us. Knight is emotional and inconsistent.
Alcorn St - We should win and lick wounds
Bama - motivation will not be a problem
Ole Miss - can we get up again in a week? How many injuries do we have in Secondary? Ole Miss injuries at RB, Secondary and Dline
AU - Trap game but AU does not have an offense because of the QB and it is doubtful Franklin turns into a QB in 4 weeks.
OPEN DATE - A very valuable week to heal and teach.
UF - Their QB is hurt and can’t play this week against UT, so it must be bad to miss that game. Originally out for season.
LSU -LSU has a QB and that could be scary by this game
Misstake We should pull out a victory
Mizzery We should pull out a victory