Looking at the first 5 conference games...

@ Ole Miss

I hope this doesn’t age well but I see us going 1-4, 2-3 at best here.

A&M is one of the few teams in the league we are clearly better than, but it’s in College Station and as well all know weird things can happen on the road.

Florida is really coming around and seem like a slow it down team that could really beat up on us. Plus Jalen Hudson is finally starting to play again and look somewhat like the guy they thought they were getting before the year started.

Tremont Waters is rolling around to form and we had no answer (and MA made no adjustments) on him last year. If DG has had problems with size then he won’t like matching up with lotto pick Naz Reid.

Tennessee? Hope to keep it competitive.

Ole Miss is maybe the surprise team in the league this year. We look pretty even and it’s a road game.

Hoping for better but it looks like a really slow/got to dig out of a hole start for me.

I actually expect to win the first three, and lose to TN. I’m like you, when it comes to Ole Miss, I think it’s a pretty evenly matched game, but it is at their place, plus I expect our guys to be a little down coming off the TN loss. So, I’ll say 3-2

Even though they have obviously lost two games at home recently, I never go into a game at Bud Walton Arena expecting a loss.

I’ll take 3-2, but could see 4-1…or vice versa. Just hard to tell.

If we truly had “no answer” for Mr. Waters, any adjustment by MA would have been a pointless, academic exercise. Kinda like rearranging those proverbial Titanic deck chairs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dudley I like your prediction.

@ Texas A&M. (W)
Florida (W) maybe K Allen has a bad game
@Tenn. (L)
@Ole Miss. (W)
4-1. That’s my hope. I don’t think we will have any success against The Vols.

Hit this one right on the head.

Sadly this roller-coaster ride is becoming way too predictable.

We’ll say 3-2 over the next five with three of the easiest home games coming up. 2-3 at worst.

Good call on that. I don’t think a lot of people realized how brutal that first 5 game stretch was with a young team.

I agree with your next 5, I have us 3-2 as well. And I have us 3-2 on the next group of 5 after that. Then I have us finishing the regular season winning 3 of our last 4.

Reality check for some of us.

I have no realistic expectation for this team. As long Gabe is on the floor anything good he provides he triples in with negative plays. That’s the real story of this team. We have a lottery pick with Gafford and He don’t touch the ball. 4 to 6 shots a game. There’s seems to be some disconnect about how to win. This team plays flat from the opening tip until they get down double digits.
It’s stupid to keep giving up layups!

Gabe O outplayed Daniel today.

Still all he gets is criticized by his own fans.

I’ll agree with you on that, I’ve thought that since the Ga Tech game. In the first half of that game he was our only player attacking the lane, he just couldn’t get his shots to fall. People were complaining about how sorry he was, I was wondering if anyone was actually watching the game. Today, I thought him and Embery-Simpson played good games, everyone else, not so much

I like him. I think he has upside.

Yes!!! Wonder what he will look like as a SR

Simpson and Gabe were the ones who played the hardest and acted like it meant something. Why? The team sure seems out of sync to me!

Hope is starting to drift away like a tumbleweed…

Gabe amazingly quick— his desire and effort100%— positives outweigh negatives my opinion— I wish all players had his intensity

I absolutely agree with you 100%.

Gafford’s unwillingness to hedge screens and switch on to guards put us in a 7-0 hole right of the bat. Then again it’s happened for years so maybe it’s the coach. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: