Looking at the box score

I noticed that the second base ump was none other than AJ Lostaglio.
Don’t remember seeing him in a while. But he is notorious for some strange calls involving the Hogs in the past. Guess he will be behind the plate for game 3.

I recall Perry Costello. Don’t remember that one. Maybe it’s good that I don’t.

One of the things I liked about the box score was seeing Franklin with 1 AB, but 2 Runs.

The only game I remember Lostaglio working was the regional championship against Washington State in 2010, which Arkansas won.

There was a game against Auburn where there was a swinging bunt which seemed to hit our batter and kept Auburn from making a play, but he called us safe. Not saying he has necessarily been bad for us, just seem liked he was always in the middle of controversary