looking at FB Schedules

Discussion for the slow time of year

2019 looks like a 4 win maybe 5 win season to me esply with the away games the Razorbacks have

if Coach Morris has a 5 win season in 2019 - that would match the winning profile Coach Morris had at SMU - One sports analyst mentioned during the Red White game

in the third season Coach Morris had SMU at 7 wins with what I assume is less talent then what he has at Arkansas - and yes it wasn’t the SEC West - but what I saw in the Spring Game I saw something that resembled the Fighting Razorbacks again -

It appeared to me in the last years of Coach Brett showed a lack of intensity (Maybe due to one a day practices) a lack of urgency along with an attitude “We are just college players” created a mental softness

I digress

looking at Schedules - It appears odd years has Arkansas playing the toughest teams away and even years Arkansas gets our toughest opponents at home

So looking into the future it appears Arkansas toughest reoccurring games - minus Auburn are at home in 2020 -

surely with continued good recruiting like this year and a system in place can we hope for a 7 win season in 2020?

Arkansas picks up U Tennessee in 2020? Is that right? That should be a fun game

But Arkansas also travels to the University of Notre Dame - Could this be the game that Puts Arkansas on the national radar again? Or does it confirm Arkansas has become an also-ran program.

The rest of the Schedule rotation is:

2021 Our Arkansas Razorbacks open with the Hated EOEA known as Utexas (Spit) and the east Div rotating game is at UGA
(Lordy Looks like odd years has Arkansas playing the toughest teams away with the best east teams rotating on Ark schedule at add to the misery-

Unless the Razorbacks grow by leaps and bounds I see 2021 as a year the fans grow restless - or they simply have given up and look to basketball )

2022 Non Conf Ark picks up and play at BYU and picks up vs US Carolina (Should be winnable “Should be a very good year”)

2023 Ark Plays BYU at home and picks up U Florida (Dang - Odd year all the hard traditional tough east teams are away Humm Are we the Homecoming game these odd years? My Hope Coach Morris and his Fighting Razorbacks makes them cry)

2024 Its a short drive to open the season at Oakie St and pick up vs Kentucky at home (Will WMS still be with us?)

2025 Non Conf is scheduled to be Notre Dame (at our place - but will they keep the date or buy it out?) Ark is At Vanderbilt (Hey good news!) Will Coach Morris still be with us?

I hope he is because if he is … It means Arkansas is winning and relevant again