Looking at construction camera

I check progress on the NEZ from time to time. Fun to watch it progressing. However, I notice something today I haven’t see before. It looks like they’ve torn up Maple St. Any locals know about it & what’s going on? Is it part of the NEZ project or is it just street repair? Or am I just looking at something that looks like a torn up Maple?

Westbound lane is closed for construction beyond the intersection at HWY 112 (Garland). I was going to drive down to see Stadium progress but couldn’t get there driving down Maple. Didn’t have time to drive around and go down Razorback. No clue what it entails, though.

Just part of an ARDOT project.

http://m.arkansasonline.com/news/2018/j … etteville/

I live about a mile from the stadium and it hasn’t bothered me a whole lot driving home. One less red light to get stuck at and no risk of a student jumping out in front of my car :lol: Thanks for the link, too. I really didn’t know if it was stadium construction or another project. I would like to get a better view of the progress being made on the stadium, but can still see it pretty well coming down the hill on Razorback Rd. at what was the four-way stop near the Alumni House, and on the other side on Stadium Dr.

I often go through the intersection at Razorback and Maple, but I haven’t been through there in a while (the last time was before I left for the CWS.) I love coming back down the hill through that intersection and getting a view of the stadium from there. I’ll make sure to come through there tomorrow when I run my errands.

The summer months always include road work on campus. It is the only time that it’s really possible without making a giant mess of things.