Looking at all of the new coaches in the SEC plus FSU ------------------

--------------------- wondering how Sam and his guys did compared to other similar and related staffs coming in late to recruit, it looks like he ended up in the middle of the pack as far as the apparent quality of his recruiting class. This will change some as additional recruits are added. For instance, we have a 4* running back who is supposed to but has not yet signed. So that could help move us up to or past MSU. This comparison doesn’t include transfers and I think Sam did better than most and if he gets Xavier Kelly it will be very significant. But, the other guys can add players too. Kiffin only has 17 in his class, has a better average recruit rating, so there could be a later move up there. Here is the five I am looking at from the 247 rankings:

Rank ------------- Total -4* - 3* – Avg ---- Total
#22 Florida State 25 8 16 87.97 238.62
#27 MSU 23 5 18 87.51 229.87
#30 Hogs 21 4 17 86.75 212.16
#39 Ole Miss 17 3 14 87.05 197.23
#50 Mizzou 17 1 16 85.77 192.85

2020 Recruiting Rankings @ 247

So, Norvell took the better recruiting base at FSU and did the best of the new comers, including sneaking a 4* badly needed O-lineman out of Arkansas. The Pirate came in later than Sam and did about as well @ MSU. So far, Sam has done much better than Kiffin including beating him for a Memphis 4* late. Drinkwitz has really struggled at Mizzou. Sam bringing in three coaches from the fired Mizzou staff basically cut the legs out from under their recruiting class.

So Sam did good, better than some in similar situations, and not as good or not any better than others. The thing I like is this “good but not great” class addresses most needs very well. Maybe not tight end but most. Combine that with the PWO quality and the new and encouraging tone and toughness we are hearing, it makes me optimistic. Not giddy yet, but encouraged. JMVVVVVHO

Thank you for this. When I was watching a recap show on ESPN of signing day, I smiled a bit at beating out Kiffin–someone I was screaming we should get (until I learned that Pittman was still in play).

Then, just as I was turning off the tv, I saw MSU’s ranking and did a double-take. The talking heads were saying that Moorehead did most of the heavy lifting in terms of recruiting, but I have to admit that I was pretty surprised at how well they did.

The overwhelming majority of MSUs class signed before Leach was the coach. He gets no. Credit for it from me.

MSU had 21 signed players when Leach got the job… Their ranking is all about Moorehead, not Leach.

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As mentioned, Morehead had 21 signed for Leach and Norvell is at a place that generally recruits in the top 10-15. What Pittman accomplished this year is more impressive than any other new coach IMO. We were 119 when he was hired finished at 29 or so. ghg

Good point. Here is an article about that: https://www.clarionledger.com/story/sports/college/mississippi-state/2019/12/18/mississippi-state-football-recruiting-early-signing-period-class-of-2020/2641264001/

When the head coach and staff are fired, does the NCAA let recruits off of their committment? Or is that only when there are NCAA penalties involved? Just curious about whether that group could have bolted due to the coaching change?

You have to consider filling needs when you say how a coach did. Of course recruiting rankings never do that. It’s just pure stars, adding them up and getting a point total. If you signed 25 5-star offensive linemen (not possible, I know), you would rank No. 1. But that would be a total failure when you put a team on the field. Can’t play but five. By the same token, you better help your team in the present, not just the future. What I think Arkansas did was really help the team, especially in the defensive secondary.

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Once a player signs he’s committed. Mississippi State could release them but the national letter-of-intent ties player to school for one academic year. For example after Nolan was fired we released Andre Iguodala and he wound up signing with Arizona.

I think MSU hired Leach within a week of Morehead getting fired. Poor Pitman
did well considering.

I think he did well considering as well. Bottom line is we are competing with The Pirate for the top of the bottom third in the SEC. That is better than it could have been but we have a long way to go.

Yep…spot on statement Jrjdent! He gets ZERO credit for that class in my opinion!

Yes, Leach did just that. Leached his top 25 recruiting class off of Morehead. I will not speculate on how that man recruited so well.

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