Looking ahead

It may just be me, but does anyone catch themselves looking ahead and being excited about the Cole kelley days?

I know we are blessed with AA and his talent.

But, I loved watching Mallet and his elite arm talent, and I can’t help but get excited in Kelley playing in the future. I think they have similar Elite arm talent, but Kelley is receiving elite qb coaching from Enos, that Mallet may not have had. Man he could be fun to watch in the future. I say Kelley and not storey because I personally don’t think for 1 second that storey will ever beat out Kelley come next year. His throwing motion just is a recipe for interceptions in the sec, it’s just a tad off to me.

Clay’s comments after spring ball would indicate that Kelley has a way to go: On the QBs

I understand that. But he has another year to develop.

Seems like a lot of his problems are gunslinger problems. Gets aggressive and doesn’t make the best decision. He will learn to deal with that with experience.

He has all of the tools. He like any young QB has to fine tune. The sky is the limit.

It’s nice to have the QB’s that have talent learning, watching and waiting on the sidelines. Hope we can build some leads this year where the back ups can get some reps! Allen may not be a true gunslinger but he has heart and leaves it all out on the field.
With the attitude kids have now it’s a Breathe of fresh air to see both Kelly and Storey hanging in and being good teammates. Great problem to have talent

It doesn’t make many any difference if it’s Storey or Kelley just put the best kid on the field and let’s go play. WPS

I would expect Cole Kelley would make some advances this summer. What he looks like in August will tell a lot. With tall quarterbacks, foot placement is everything. I’ve always equated a lot of things in mechanics with golf. Little issues cause big problems in golf as far as swing problems. It’s a sport that sometimes favors the smaller guys. Everyone wants a big quarterback to see over the offensive line and view the field. I get that. But when a big man makes a small mistake in mechanics (mostly with foot placement), it leads to accuracy problems. That seems to happen with Cole at times. You better control that stride and foot placement because a small error with a big stride gets you in trouble.

There don’t seem to be a lot of QBs in the NFL taller than 6-5. I think that’s part of it, the stride leads to issues with accuracy. It’s good to be strong and velocity is important. But you can’t sacrifice accuracy.

I can definitely see and agree with that.

I think the smaller guys are much better technicians and thus more accurate (with the exception of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning… and a few other all time greats). Drew breese is who comes to mind for me. Deadly accurate and perfect mechanics.

But, I also think the big arm of the big guys closes that gap a little. Cam Newton is whocomes to mind for me as well as Big Ben. They at times have awful mechanics but with pure strength can make an incredible throw, the famous off the back foot cam newton throw.

If Cole can learn and develop from Enos and AA, he could put it all together. I sure hope does. But I agree with whoever said they want the best on the field, whoever that may end up being. (Noland, Kelley, Storey, possibly Bohanaon) I think we are in a great position for future qb play.