looking ahead

so we lost. could have won it all, played a bad game 3. its over. very proud of this team. we are letting 2 games cloud our perspective or what we accomplished.

now, on to next year.

what will our pitching rotation look like? ramage looks like a potential starter. campbell, has great stuff at times but he has not pitched up to expectations. not sure we can count on him. we had knight this year and we knew every game he pitched we had a chance, he kept us in the game, ALL YEAR. what a blessing knight was for us. mvp of our team if you ask me. will we have that next year. bullpen, we have cronin coming back. do we have any freshman like the osu pitcher we saw last night coming in?

we lose gates, shaddy, biggers, koch, cole in the field. bonfield as designated hitter. kenley could take over short, but not a hitting threat. martin probably moves to second. whose on first and third. mcfarland didn’t see the field latter part of the year and i wasn’t impressed with him at all during the year, other than a couple of decent games he wasn’t close to gates hitting or fielding. we have a back up catcher who is good defensively but anemic offensively. we lost our top recruit who was a catcher. a big concern. who takes the outfield spot? who takes over dh? will martin with his speed bat leadoff?

got some good building pieces in fletcher, martin, kjerstad, but thats about it. will we be more like osu next year, play more small ball? steal more bases? will we swing for the fences or be more of a contact team.

how good was our recruiting class coming in? where was it ranked? looks like we only lost one right now to the draft as far as recruits.

looking ahead, i want to go back to omaha again soon…

i think you’re going to surprised how good Casey opitz is.I think he will hit just as well as Koch and maybe better,he just needs regular at bats.has an elite arm athleticism

I wish we could swipe Abel.

Yeah kids is a first round draft choice in 2 years I knew we were going to have trouble with him

We had trouble with all their pitchers. We weren’t hitting the molester, but his wildness did him in and Knight and Co. held on to the advantage. And the molester would have been a high first round pick last year if he’d left his niece alone. Ditto this year.