Looking ahead, the teams with strong runners at QB worry me -------------------

------------------------- more than the mainly passers out there. Don’t discount the game plan that Kiffin and his staff came up with to attack our “rush 3 and zone with 8” defense. They hurt us with Carrol running early in the game and then exploited our over compensating to stop him with runners in the RPO going away from our flow. Once they broke through our front 5-6, they were wide open running for the house. They hit some short passing in the seams and when the safeties inched up to stop that and the running QB, they hurt us passing deep then. If any of our guys missed their slot or missed containment on the backside, they are now breaking long gains because our safeties are coming up too quickly and taking the RPO fakes.

Classic “find something that hurts the defense and then exploit them when they compensate for it.” I guess that is offensive play calling 101. How do you fix that? Get defensive linemen and linebackers that don’t need any help shutting down the run. Since we aren’t there yet, at least against good teams, we have to take chances and sometimes that will get you burned. It took probably the Heisman Trophy winner to make all of that happen and we still almost pulled it out, so I am not totally depressed, just frustrated I guess.

So how does that make you feel for the rest of our schedule? MSU, LSU, MU? I think we all feel the same about Bama,…

I think we beat LSU, Mizzou, and MSU. Don’t see us beating Bama at their place. Their run game is just too strong. That would put us at maybe tied for third in the west. 8-4 and a nice bowl.


An absolutely fantastic road leading to a major bowl. We must end this regular season with a win against Mizzou.

When I see the Hogs stop the run, then I will start thinking about Bowls and such. They have not stopped anybody in 3 games and was not really effective last week. You have to play defense and The Hogs have played very little defense since TA&M. They are once again light years away from what a SEC defense should be


Very good Colorado

If we can avoid injuries and find some players on the backend D, I agree we can win those games. KJ is playing with a lot of confidence. Dom and the rest of the RBs are fired up. Burks is almost unstoppable. I like our chances. Hopefully, we see a few more downfield go routes for Burks too. He needs more TDs! Ha!

I really don’t think Odom is a one trick pony on defense, so I expect him to counter as much as our talent will let us against what has hurt us defensively lately. I am seeing some of our young defensive ends like Stewart and Williams starting to make plays and Utsey may be back soon, so that will help our depth in the line. Slusher is not Catalon but he is talented and will improve as he gets seasoned. This team is still playing hard and, by the end of the season, our one point loss to OleMiss at their place, when they were giving us their best shot, is not going to be a bad loss. I truly think we have a decent chance, but no guarantee, of finishing winning the last 3 out of 4 this season and going to a bowl. That would be huge momentum forward. Go Hogs.

I agree. It’s all up to the defense on the number of wins in the remaining games. We have the offense.

The only strong running QB remaining on our schedule is Young at Bama. Bazelak at Misery is -6 rushing for the season. Max Johnson at LSU is -3. Will Rogers at Moo U is -60. Our pass defense may be iffy but I don’t think we need to worry about getting beat by a scrambler. Even Young is only +40 rushing.

The core of the defense took too many licks against Texas A&M and Georgia and they have not recovered! The run defense might return to a more functional unit against Miss St. at least I hope so. Depth is and has been the issue on defense for a long time. It will
Get better. I still see the improvements made by our hogs in so many areas that I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished to this point this season!
They are light years ahead of where they were in the CCM circus.

Yep!! No doubt.

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