Looking ahead -- new Thanksgiving game?

Since the conference took away the LSU game and stuck us with Mizzou for the only cross-division game to finish the schedule, I really hope one of these days both teams are good enough to force a repeat game the next week in the conference championship. That would be fitting payback.

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Great point - hope the team cares more than an apathetic fan base. Otherwise the embarrassing losing streak will grow.


If the SEC really cares about its University programs and really believes in competitive excellence it would

  1. Totally revamp its on Field Officials and its review booth - actually firing poor performers

  2. Give Schools like Arkansas a real TV Market Game for Thanksgiving - I dont care who it is but the Kidde Table Game we have now isn’t a good TV game as TV numbers continue to decline in that series

In this age where TV viewers mean everything - ESPN or CBS doesn’t need a regional market game like Arkansas Mizzou - for the money they are spending for good large market games the SEC needs to make every Thanksgiving TV Market game a must see -

How about Arkansas Texas every Thanksgiving - now that will draw an audience and ESPN loves the History

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No doubt. Good post.

A rivalry has to mean something. You cannot manufacture a rivalry and slap a name on it. Missouri is never going to reach the status of an LSU, Texas, Ole Miss, Tennessee or A&M – Oklahoma could but not Missouri. There are lots of reasons why.

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I would prefer LSU or OU rather than our playing MO or ut for our Thanksgiving game. MO has never felt like a rivalry like the LSU game. OU might be an interesting cross the border rivalry. Doubt any SEC team would make MO top on their list but perhaps KY/MO.

I expect that aTm/ut will return to Thanksgiving. aTm will initially balk but will realize these are different times, aTm a better program, & SEC will be different for both schools. ut already plays OU for their annual event in DFW so doubtful OU/ut would move to Thanksgiving. Otherwise could see efforts for an OU/aTm rivalry.

If ut not matched up against aTm or LSU, expect ut will likely be the AR Thanksgiving game.

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A&M + UT + OU + Mizzou - Pod = A&M/UT & OU/Mizzou for Thanksgiving Weekend Games

Ark + LSU + OleMiss + MissStake - Pod = Ark/LSU & OleMiss/MissStake for Turkey Weekend


I’ve grown to like the rivalry with MU. At least I’ve grown to care about it. They’ve beaten us all but one time since they joined the conference & that really annoys me. They’re not the program we are, but they caught us when we’ve been at our worst in the past 60 years.

I don’t expect the SEC to mess with strong traditional Thanksgiving games. They’ll still have Bama-AU, OM-MSU. Our game with MU isn’t very traditional. Neither is the LSU-A&M game. They’re just recent. I could see A&M-UT back in the Thanksgiving slot. That could give OU a non-conf game with OSU on Thanksgiving. I can’t think of any other SEC games that have long Thanksgiving day history. I guess TN-Vandy play on Thanksgving. Or do they play UK that weekend?

Regardless, I have no problem playing MU on T-weekend. It’s about the only game in that Friday time slot.

It was bizarre for us to not play Texas every season anymore. For Nebraska and OU to not play annually. And for Texas and the Aggies to cease their annual game.

Money changes everything, This is just one more.

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Understand that OU & NE are renewing their annual rivalry. NE is not as excited about that lately since their football program is struggling.

In the end I suspect the SEC will Screw Arkansas (cause that’s what they do)

I also expect we will be playing Mizzou on Fridays at the kiddie table bowl -

I still have one slim Hope KANSAS will want to return to Playing Mizzou in Arrowhead on thanksgiving and Mizzou accepts

Naw - it’s the hinterland rivial for Arkansas

The great thing - it will be a great easy trip for N/E Arkansas- the rest of us out of state will ESPN 3 or record it on CBS until they beg the SEC to drop it

Do your best with it - it’s what we got

They are playing this year and next year, but there are no plans for them to play after that.

There was talk of that being ongoing, but OU move to SEC may change that. Outlook for NE being a nationally competitive team again & return to prior glory is waning. An OU/NE shootout would not be of any real benefit & now less meaningful for both teams.

As much as Arkansas has struggled lately in football, thankful we are not NE!

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What happens If UKansaw

Reaches out to Mizzou to renew the century old thanksgiving series at Arrowhead Stadium?

Since Texas (spit) is no longer calling the shots that prevented games with teams that left (Funny Texas -Spit - Is following the teams they sought to punished lol

So OU keeps play OSU or begins thanksgiving again with NE

Does Kansaw reach out to Mizzou ?

I once had contacts there but they are all gone now - wife is a UKansaw post prad grad

In-laws are Mizzou grads and post grad grads

But all those contacts are gone

What I know is they loved that game in Kansas City more than anything

A whole year was made right if it was a win in arrowhead

Unlike our game - there is really History between UKS and Mizzou

Lot of things we don’t know yet – division, pod, or permanent rival. Certainly which one is chosen would affect who we play in late November, as well as the other 7-8 weeks.


Truth - I have to think the need to protect UF vs UGA - Bama vs Auburn, Egg Bowl and Bama vs UTenn will be a League priority

Everything else should be negotiable- in SEC eyes

Exciting times - my hope that in the chaos it benefits Arkansas

I’ll give up all 3 current trophy games as long as we get a shot a UTexas (spit) each year

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Beat ‘em this year and put doubts in their minds.


I think there is way to much angst on here about who we play on Thanksgiving weekend and whether it’s on TV.

If we start winning games we will get more marquee matchups.

No reason we should expect to be given the limelight until we earn it, then it will take care of itself.

Frankly, whining about playing Mizzou instead of LSU comes across as petty.


We must prove ourselves on the field and the W/L record, then the rest will work its way out to our favor.

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I agree

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Glad to know your thoughts

You have a good point and I’ll try and contain some of my angst

Yes I can be vocal hoping Arkansas can get the best situation but looking at the responses lots of other fans agree that T game and tv markets do matter

One thing we both agree

Winning will fix everything

I don’t think you comprehended my last note

I would easily give up all trophy’s and thanksgiving for a annual crack at Texas (spit)

We get Texas (spit) the rest of the discussion is mute to me