Looking ahead -- new Thanksgiving game?

I mentioned elsewhere how we got screwed when A&M came in and took away our marquee Thanksgiving weekend game with LSU.

And to make us happy, the SEC created that ridiculous “Battle Line Rivalry” that nobody gives two hoots about – in either state – except for Shelter Insurance.

So if A&M and Texas resume their Thanksgiving game…can we get our game with LSU back?

Or if A&M and LSU intend to keep playing, can we play Texas or OU on Thanksgiving ?

Or even A&M ?

Any of them are better than Missouri.

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I don’t think A&M will want to be in Texas’ pod immediately. It’ll take a few years for them to get over their butthurt. Will they get an interpod game with Texas right away? To be determined.


Texas and OU will keep playing during the State Fair just like always.

A&M will probably keep playing LSU at Thanksgiving until they resume with UT full-time. So that would open the opportunity to put us against Texas in a prime spot. Or against OU.


if A&M gets over it and wants to resume the UT rivalry right away, they might put us in LSU’s pod. Then the Boot can return to Black Friday.

But since I expect Misery to be in our pod again, they could just leave us there. I don’t think the SEC created that “rivalry”. I think Bazzel created that and then got Shelter to sponsor.

I think A&M will want to play Texas. Too much money at stake. Too close in proximity.

Another mystery, will OU and OSU play to end the season? It would be bizarre for those two not to play, either.

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TexA@M will want their bon fire and game with Texas (spit) on thanksgiving back

But I bet the Red River Rivalry get played thanksgiving weekend

True. Half the East now ends conference play in mid-November to play FSU or Clemson or Louisville. But a 9-game SEC schedule could complicate putting Bedlam at the end. Unless OSU gets in a snit because big bro left them.

Oh no. That’s been State Fair week forever.


You know - you’re right - not even the SEC can mess that up ?

Lots of IF’s

This is the sort of thing that has the chance to break up a lot of Golden calf’s

Only thing that really appears certain

UT (spit) and Paper Clip are coming to the SEC

I’m hoping for a reset that helps Arkansas in the chaos of it all

Clay, I don’t remember. When OU played Nebraska around Thanksgiving every year, when did they play OSU?

I would guess Missouri, but there’s several other possibilities, including the Hogs not having a “traditional” Thanksgiving weekend game.

The Aggies will probably play UT every year on Thanksgiving from the first year Texas is a member. ESPN will demand it, and so will a substantial portion of both fan bases when the dust settles. The Egg Bowl is going to stay on that weekend as well, though it might get pushed back to Friday if UT/A&M looks better on Thursday night.

The conference probably will want one more game for Friday, just to keep a day/night or early/late day inventory for that day.

The question becomes who TV wants in that game. I think the Hogs could end up playing Mizzou, OU or LSU as an annual game on that weekend, but I also think that it could also be either OU/Mizzou or OU/LSU. If OU ends up playing OSU every Thanksgiving weekend, that narrows things down.

I am guessing the Iron Bowl, Ga/Ga Tech, Florida/FSU, and South Carolina/ Clemson, if played that weekend, all would stay on Saturday.

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I was just thinking, doing the scheduling for OU and UT might not be that hard. The LD plays 9 conference games. I think we’re going to end up with 9 conference games; ESPN is gonna want better inventory if it’s coughing up new money to redo the contract. So nobody’s out of conference games are gonna get messed up except any games with SEC teams; OU is scheduled to play Georgia in 23 and Tennessee in 24. Texas is playing Bama, Georgia and Florida in the next 10 years.

I’m with you and you were correct

Ark needs a giant to kill on thanksgiving to improve our TV share and TV market value

LSU was good for us - but would love to get UT and let Mizzou play OU on Thanksgiving

I’m perfectly fine with playing Mizzou but on that marquee weekend - it’s a looser for Arkansas- TV ranking prove it

Horrible Horrible for TV market share and program visibility to be married to a small tv market on Thanksgiving JIMHO

Clay, I have been on the Big Orange board for OSU over the past few days. The majority over there want the Sooners to pound sand and do not want to keep the bedlam series going as well. Pretty pissed off over there.

That may be their feeling now. How could you blame them? Time will come when they will want to beat their butts. If they don’t, then that tells me they have lost their competitive spirit altogether and that would be sad. I’ve covered that series and watch OU crush their hopes over and over. I get it if they have had enough, but that’s not what they should do, run from a fight.

Looked it up. Bedlam has been played all over the place, from early December (obviously not possible now) to early October about 30 years ago.

The Pokes are just pissed because they are being left out. Can’t blame them. I don’t see a scenario where they land in a place as good as where they were.

I think the most likely scenario for our Thanksgiving week game is that we will continue to play Missouri.

The only way we would get the LSU game back that weekend is if we end up in their pod. The SEC Network’s example given last week had us slated for a pod with the Mississippi schools and LSU, but I don’t think the SEC will put the four of us in a pod. It would be considered too weak, with LSU being the only “traditional” SEC (or Big 12) power.

If doing pods, you pretty much have to get two traditional powers in each one.

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Arkansas’s record in the Battle Line Rivalry is forcing me to care a heck of a lot.


Yea, the majority of the thousands of posts over there are conjecture on where they will land. They don’t really see the Big 12 being relevant anymore, most want to land in the BIG but worry about the academic requirements. There is not a good landing spot. I lived in Tulsa for four years and became professional friends with both OU and OSU grads, preferred the cowboy fans. I feel bad for them especially since T. Boone spent so much to upgrade them. Makes me wonder if “the mullet” will move on.


Traditional power pods:
OU and Texas in one
LSU and A&M in one (nauseates me to type that)
Bama and Auburn (my how EOE-K has fallen)
Florida and Georgia

Unless (a) TAM is deadset on renewing the Texass rivalry, and/or (b) they’re gonna let the Big 12 refugees beat up on each other for a while.

Okie Lite has no prayer of making the B1G. And not much more of making the Pac-12 or the ACC. They’ll be very fortunate to avoid the AAC.

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A&M and UTex in separate pods allow them to continue to say that they aren’t rivals. I guess we’ll have to get used to hearing about their little Sam and Diane routine.