Looking ahead a bit

If Arkansas makes it to Omaha, it appears it would play its first game on Sunday, June 17, which is Father’s Day. That is not guaranteed, but just based off my recent observations about the NCAA schedule.

In the past, the College World Series games have been based on the super regional schedule, whereas the teams that play the Friday-Sunday supers begin Saturday in Omaha, and the teams that play the Saturday-Monday series begin Sunday in Omaha.

All of the other supers on Arkansas’ side of the bracket - Texas vs. Tennessee Tech, Florida vs. Auburn and Texas Tech vs. Duke - begin Saturday, which reinforces my belief that the winners will not play until Sunday at the College World Series.

This will be my first Father’s Day. I told my wife last night that I would like to celebrate it at The Drover in Omaha.

Sure hope you do!

Hope you make it, Matt. Love your coverage and attention
to detail. I feel sure your employer knows they are as
blessed as we on this board are.

I hope we are lucky enough for you to be celebrating every father day in Omaha! I really enjoy your work and have a special Father’s Day with your baby! God bless you!