Looked at the RRS webcam this afternoon

And there is a steel framework going up in the northwest corner. May just be a support structure for lower level concourse connecting the bottom level of east and west concourses. But the area underneath this structure would also be a really good place for the gameday locker room, since it roughly corresponds with where the old locker room was.

I know they said nothing in the NEZ will be ready to use for 2017, but I’m going to keep my eye on this through the summer anyway.

Looks like most of the framework for the south pig screen is complete.

I was on the Hill on Monday. The web cam does no justice to the work being done. It’s pretty awesome.

I think it’s support structure for the seating, the concourse should be a little further north. They’ll have the outside done by fall, and the big screen, hopefully.

Again, I’m told there will not be a way to get a locker room built in time for the fall. That’s not in the plans. Just not a way to get that done in amount of time.

Looked at the webcam again just now. What was one level of steel in the NEZ is now two. They are throwing that stuff up quickly with the good weather. Clay may be right but I’m not going to rule anything out.

They were hard at it Saturday. I parked in that north lot for graduation and the scale of the project was even more impressive up close. Also interesting to see the south end zone big screen starting to take shape.

They are well ahead of schedule. They have had long stretches of good weather. Still a lot to get done for that locker room to be ready. At least now, there might be some hope. I’m not hearing anyone say it’s going to happen, but maybe there is some hope.

Can you post a link to the webcam?

The link is pinned above. It currently the 3 topic which gives both camera views of the stadium.