Looked at the Omaha and Lincoln papers

And they think Nebraska got screwed by getting sent to Fayetteville. They may have a point. The other two Big Ten teams in the tournament got a lot easier regionals than the conference champ did. But as Husker coach Will Bolt noted, they have to win a game before they get to play the Hogs.

And we got a top 20 team (NU is #19 in the coaches poll, D1B and Baseball America) as the 2 seed. Of course we’ve been playing a lot higher ranked teams than that for a while; we beat #3, #11 and #2 in consecutive games in Hoover. So meh.

The highest ranked 2 seed in the coaches poll is UC-Irvine at #16, which is in the Stanford Regional. Meanwhile LaTech hosts as the #18 team, and has the #17 team, NC State, as its 2 seed.

I agree with the analysis on SEC Now: Road to Omaha, Tennessee got screwed. They have a worse draw than Vandy. But they are ranked higher and won the SEC East, along with finishing second in the tournament. Duke is hot :fire: and the others aren’t patsies.



Fear, hell of a bad drug…


Yep, Vols got shafted, Vandy has a much weaker field.

It’d suit me if TN didn’t make it to Omaha

Vandy has an easy Reginal IMO.

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