Look who’s in the portal

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Wow! I would be making every effort to get him in here. But I got to feeling Texas A&m is going to be in his ear too

show me the money, as in draft money… only way to get his attention is to improve his draft stock. Kids are such finished products and very savvy these days that they want to know who is gonna get them to where they want to be. Is it us??? So many places to land with better recent reps than us, so I would hope for a miracle but not expecting it. ??and he knows the need for tough conditions??

ESPN just ran that tag line on sports center, with the words “Arkansas a likely landing place”. Yes please! If CSP and Briles pull that off, they will have both already earned their salary this year.

I saw that!!

Some are saying King is LSU bound. Do they not have a QB for next year?

mentioned with Miami in the Houston paper

Honestly, that’s probably a great business decision for the guy and a good risk for LSU with a lot of potential—even if they do have a freshman phenom on the bench.

If we had an OL, he might come here. I don’t think he does with so many unknowns on our line. LSU makes sense for the big picture, but taking a closer look, I don’t think they are experts in the RPO. I also don’t think King would be comfortable/confident that Rhett Lashlee would be the guy to bring out the best in him, something he has said a few times. All of this to say, there isn’t a clear leader. You have to like our chances, though.

Arkansas has a chance. You gotta believe! Possibly he wants to be coached up by one of the Best & THAT’S one of the many reasons Coach Pittman brought in Coach Briles. GHG!!!

Who is saying he’s LSU bound? That would be just our luck,nobody needs a quarterback more than we do. He already knows Briles system backward and forward, but until we start winning the rich will always get richer that would be just our luck for him to go to them.I think we have pretty good shot.

His best season was under Briles-https://uhcougars.com/sports/football/roster/d-eriq-king/5212

Listening to talk radio this morning Greg McElroy thought it would be us in fact he said he what do that if it were him.

2018 w Coach Briles he ranked 7th in the nation in total offense, including 7th QB rating.


That freshmen phenom is not going to sit on the bench 2yrs…he would hit the portal.

I agree. That’s part of the risk you take. However, windows for championships can close rather quickly. I think I might take that risk if I’m LSU because it’s a program that tends to recruit itself quite well, and you’ve got major talent in the backyard.

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I like our chances, King is only 2 years removed from working w Briles. Also, the timing is interesting.
Not the same thing as the Kelly Bryant deal, who was recruited by Morris but never played for him.

Isn’t it kind of late? Won’t he miss spring ball?

I think Friday is the deadline.

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Has he already graduated or does he need the spring semester to graduate?