Look! Pat from SNL was at the game!


Lol that’s hilarious.

That is cool!1
Now really who is that guy? If it even matters…LOL

Shades of Jimmy Lee after a tough Phillips County Community College Ridgerunner game back in the day. At least Jimmy Lee had the good sense to direct his anger at the Zebes. Looks like there’s a new face of Vandy basketball. I’m sure they’re proud.

i’ve been watching the vandy fan thread over at hogville too

i can not believe nobody has closed the investigation with a post of the faculty profile link or somethin

surely not their strength and conditioning coach? LMAO :smiley: what a turd muffin

LOL!!! And I didnt think that win could get any sweeter, just goes to show ya, just like the game it can! LOL!!!

They were discussing this on DTS (not my favorite show but not sure if I have other options in LR area?) anyway, Rick was saying she never got on the court. Sure looks to me like she got to the free throw line.

That’s actually the sideline she’s standing on in the GIF, so if she got no further, she did not get on the court.

I watched the end of the game again this morning. I was looking to see where she came from. I didn’t see her on the sidelines or along the first row. Manny pointed at someone (I thought it was one of the cheerleaders). As the young lady, who appears to be smiling and saying something to Manny, turns to walk away, she’s startled, jump backs and moves, then this lady charges towards Manny. It sure looks like she got closer to Manny than the sideline, but the TV immediately cut away, and you can see a security guard heading toward that direction when thy show the coaches shaking hands.

I forget that Vandy’s court is so strange. I see now that the lines I was seeing are the sidelines. Since there was so much “court” behind her I thought I was seeing the free throw line.