Look no further than Texas A&M

to appreciate what a good coach can bring to a program. The Aggies defense, although talented, was labeled as ‘soft’ prior to Chavis taking over. They are a much improved squad with Chavis calling the shots. Talent is an important part of the equation, but so is coaching, just sayin…

That’s all well and good.

But it’s worth noting that TAMU is in the midst of their annual meltdown and that in the last 2 games (losses) they have given up 35 points to MSU and 29 to OM with a true freshman QB playing his first college game as they blew a 15-pt late 3q lead at home and lost a game they had a 96% chance of winning at that point.

Texas A&M’s defense gave up 38 points to Tennessee, 35 to Mississippi State, and 29 to Ole Miss and its backup quarterback. The Aggies have a good chance of finishing 2-4 in their last six games, the two wins being New Mexico State and Texas San Antonio.

…making them 8-4? that ain’t bad…and they smoked us!

It isn’t bad. And, they whipped us. But, they aren’t being cited for not being bad or whipping us. They’re being cited as the shining example of the wonders of good coaching.

And, they’re in a pretty good tailspin of their own right now. That’s the point.

Okay…sorry about that. I thought if you whipped us and had a good record, it might mean you have good coaches…, but you’re right, not necessarily.

OK, what will it mean if we win our last 2 games and end up with the same “good” record that A&M ends up with? We will have “whipped” the team (Ms St) that “whipped” the team (A&M) that “whipped” us. I guess that will mean we have good coaches too. Right?


I am the most Anti-Texas AM poster on this board. The last 4 years we have made excuses on why we lost to them. Its embarrassing we have not yet beat them since they joined the SEC. Chavis is playing defense with Big 12 athletes. That will never work in the SEC. This “they have superior talent” apparently we see something different, because their DT, LB, CB are not good. You can run the ball on them from Game 1 to Game 12. This will all repeat next year. Until they expand their recruiting territory they will never get the defensive players in an offensive game state of Texas.

Texas AM does have good skill players but their OLINE isn’t all that good, but of course lets use the Arkansas excuse, they replaced I believe 3 starters on the oline from last year, and have had injuries.

Arkansas fans say they want to play them in November…I say Texas AM would score 50+ on our defense in november.

In short Texas AM is the most overrated program in the SEC and get way to much love from media, Arkansas fans, ESPN, CBS etc. etc.

LSU is running all over A&M in College Station. Guice has run for over 260 against A&M and the LSU qb has thrown for over 300.

School record. Now Rawleigh has a little work to do tomorrow…not a lot but still…

I’m calling my shot, Jeremiah. I think Swaggy P gets out ahead of the cavalry. I cld see him jumping to TX or whomever loses their coach to the LSU/tx loser of the Hermann sweepstakes.

Jeremiah–I assume Robb Smith is gone. I don’t see how he survives. Who do you think we should hire?

LSU ran at will on them and scored 54. Tell us again about how great a defense they have.

Agree with Gage about A&M being able to score 50+ on our defense in November. Fayetteville probably could as we have no defense. They put up 39 on LSU and we did nothing against them.

This season, we were not even a little close to either team. Call it coaching, talent, or something else, but we were far below either of them.

They both beat us. We beat LSU down the 2 years before (were they even a little close to us last year and the year before?) and lost one score games to TAMU that we should have won the last 3 years.

But, that wasn’t my point at all. A few weeks ago a poster pointed out that hiring someone like Chavis makes all the difference.

I pointed out that TAMU was in it’s annual swoon and I wouldn’t cite them for any proposition about getting the most out of their talent.

That’s it. Not looking for another post about how we are unworthy of being on the same field with teams that we routinely beat or play very competitively.

In all fairness I think LSU has the HC they need right now. Their players have responded well to Coach Orgeron considering.
But we all know he may not keep that position.

As for the rest mentioned here including us, it seems to be have a good game then bad game and so on because none have the talent level accross the board like Bama to sustain that high level of play.

As for the rest mentioned here including us, just seems to be good game then bad game and so on because none have the talent across the board like Bama to sustain that level of play.

The most disappointing loss every year looking back is the Ags

They get huge hype after our game and then bottom out since Johnny Football

BB needs an answer to this team and plenty of others who run the spread and Smith isnt it

Yes, A&M is in their annual toilet bowl spin. I think Chief is a good defensive coordinator but like I said earlier in the year, A&M will always find a way to be A&M. And they have.

I like Dave Aranda. But in the first half of that game I saw LSU (with all of that talent) whiffing on some tackles. I saw a lot of reaching and a lot of bad angles. They cleaned it up some in the 2nd half. I’ve not been very happy with our defense this year but I don’t think Chavis or Aranda would have done any better.

I wish we played A/M in November, we usually get better and they fall apart. On second thought, I wish we never played A/M and they were still cow liter.

A&M is 8-4 and more likely than not the Hogs finish 8-4. So how does that make A&M world’s better? The Aggies were beaten by both Mississippis – teams the Hogs beat.