Look for solid contribution from Gabe

I agree with Mike I believe Gabe could be the missing piece to aid Gafford, as Chaney continues to grow and the game slow down for him and the rest of the new comers. As it relates to Bailey I just don’t think He is wired to play the four, a very phyical position, plus he is undersized minus a mean streak or junk-yard dog mentality which I think is required to be successful including a high motor to play and consistently contribute. Hence he really need to score around the elbow area consistently playing the 3 position including rebound and defense then watch his stock rise

Yeah, I was thinking the very same thing. Maybe we see a 3rd starting line-up this game with Gabe replacing Bailey. It doesn’t appear to me that Chaney is quite ready to start mentally. The one game he started he played poorly, but when he came back in off the bench in the 2nd half he played really well. Also, his scoring is needed for that 2nd unit. Chaney can also play along side Gafford in spot minutes throughout the game.

Oh yeah, please don’t get me wrong I’m not dumping on Bailey, however it takes some role players who have played the support role longer to step out in the limelight, for Bailey it just might be his senior year, Mike previously has done well developing/ coaching up his seniors, for example Bell a designated 3ball shooter up to his senior year and then he would put the ball on the floor dribble to open gaps or to basket to score, the same for Hannah, Watkins would’nt even attemp a 3, until his senior year, and that list goes on… I guess I’m say Bailey might need more time after all in high school he played center, Mike brought him to replace squalls.

Gabe is a nightmare on offense. He may be able to excel on defense but on offense he doesn’t know his role. He has problems finishing at the rim and if he has the ball at or near the free throw line he has put the ball on the floor and ran over defenders. He will also take an ill advised 3 that ends up being equal to turnover.
Bailey is a more capable shooter from 10 to 15 feet. Bailey can finish down low unguarded put some defense on him and it’s a turnover. Neither one are good from the free throw line.
That’s my thoughts on both of these guys.