Longest roster in AR BBall history?

We are just going to have incredible length from a 6-7 PG in Black, 6-5 off guard in Smith, tons of 6-4 to 6-7 interchangable guys, and then twins, Brazille, and JWill (who i still think comes back) at 6-9+.

The tactical flexibility we will have in the lineups is pretty amazing. We certainly will not get caught in a situation like the Duke game where Kamani was trying to guard Mark Williams.

Shooting still a bit of a concern for me-we really need Jax to stay and shine, and if I had my way we would add 1 more shooter (I realize we don’t currently have the space).

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The Texas Tech kid is he a sharp shooter? A Pat Bradley??

If you mean Shannon, yes–38% from 3 last year

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Yes and yes a good %


Shannon is gonna want starter minutes. He won’t get that here. Jaxson is still very young and his D will improve. I think Muss may be done, and I am VERY happy with the team he has put together. Go Hogs!

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I wouldn’t call Terrance Shannon a sharpshooter. He can make three’s better than Toney, but he’s primarily a slasher in my memories of watching him. Great, great athlete, plays with violence. Power slams on breakaway steals. Physical defender

Jeremy, I just don’t see it with Jaxson. I absolutely hope I am wrong. I don’t think he has the motor to play Muss style defense. He could be a solid NBA player if he could learn to play Defense. I am pulling for him.

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He’s 19, with a pretty stroke, and he has already transferred once. JD learned to play defense, and so can Jaxson…it’s all want-to.

Regardless, Shannon is gonna want a bigger role than Muss can give him. I’d be very surprised if he came here, even though I love his game. JMO.

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I’m not sold on Jaxson either. He seems to have slow feet on defense and on offense if his 3 isn’t dropping he’s a liability.

I think Shannon would be a starter day one. He could plug right in to Toney’s spot. That kid is a stone cold dog. I loved watching him play defense.

With Shannon I would go:

With Devo coming in 6th

You may be right but I look forward to seeing Ford play instead of taking Shannon. Shannon my fit the bill but I’d rather have another big if there is more roster movement.
I’m not sold on Robinson playing defense. Maybe Muss is. He wasn’t with Muss and the other 3 players yesterday for the GMA show on the hill.
Like other folks have pointed out the roster has options for next season and the players that get PT will earn it in practice and then will have to continue to earn it in game action. This may be the first time in years our hogs have had a roster where you can plug and play without much drop off in production.

In 1994 we had 5 players listed at 6’8” or taller including Darnell and Lee Wilson at 6’11”. Then we had another five at 6’6” or 6’7” including Corliss. … so 10 players listed at 6’6” or taller. (Dont believe that Scottie T was 6’6” but the other heights don’t appear inaccurate.). So wont be longest necessarily. But much taller than last year.

If we don’t get Shannon that may not be the end of the discussion on Jaxson. Pinion may bring a more varied scoring punch and a better ability to distribute the ball, with a similar body build and (based on Jaxon’s play this season) no more defensive liabilities. If you are looking for a guy to be a sharp shooter he may bring more to the table, and right now Jaxson does not look like he’s ready to be anything but a sharpshooter.

But… Jaxson is young, and he really only had one actual year of college basketball, since his first year was as part of the Covid ravaged Aggie team. He could still end up being a good, much more versatile player.

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Can Pinion guard at this level? Is he still wearing that big knee brace?

If Pinion can’t guard it will be tough for him to get any playing time.

Defense is the big question on the kid. The knee looked fine in all the highlights I’ve seen.

Pinion does have more offensive game than Jaxson by all appearances at this stage, He’s a true freshman who probably does need a year or two to develop as a college defender, if that can be done.

Jaxson would need to make a big jump to get in the rotation for next season. I think Muss would be open to playing him in the rotation as instant offense on a limited basis if he improves 3 PT percentage and played a little better defense. The team overall should be good defensively so there’s a little wiggle room to play one tallish guy who can shoot but does not defend well on-ball against guys who can drive. But Pinion might fit that role better than Jaxson, since he can contribute offensively more ways than Jaxson has shown to date.

I think that we may have gotten a little too conditioned to think that Muss will not play more than a seven man rotation. As I recall at some of his other jobs, particularly in the pros, he played nine or even ten at times. I think the rotation will reflect the number of guys Muss trusts to come off the bench and do something positive, while not doing a lot wrong. He’s got a lot more talent now, so I think he will have a bigger rotation.

On a college team it’s hard for me to see Muss ever using a ten man rotation, and I don’t think a nine man rotation against the better opponents is very likely. But I do think there is an excellent chance that he will have an eight man rotation this year, which could easily be 8 1/2 if JWill is back.


The rotation could be deeper next season. This is the first class Muss has really had time to put together so with that in mind I think we might see 8 to 10 man rotation based on if he trust them to play defense.

I believe that Muss will utilize all the assets that he has. With certain opponents, he may press and play small, up tempo ball. If that line up is being dominated, he can add enough bigs to rebound and pound the ball inside. This is first year that we will have enough quality depth to adjust to what ever the opponent tries to do.

The Championship team could score inside and shoot 3’s consistently. They had a roster full of good to great players that enabled them to play any style, any day. If the new players are as good as advertised, we will have a similar team. We still need to find toughness that Corey and Corliss fought with every game.

I believe that Muss can utilize his roster and develop a lot of depth. Basketball will be fun.

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