Long yardage D?

Sure seems like we have been hurt in middle of field by bringing both backers on run blitz on 3rd and 1 and vacating middle? 1st TD yesterday looked to be a blitz beater quick slant where Slusher got beat.
Same last week on 2nd and 30 against Ags both backers on inside blitz and just and inside route where backers left. Nobody to tackle at 2nd level.

Twice yesterday we get beaten badly on outside screens on long yardage situations, one was for a TD to put them up 28-0.

Seems like we have changed philosophies and try to attack maybe more than in years past?


More blitzes than I’ve seen in a long time.

Wonder if Clay is enjoying not having to explain this pile of dog mess?

I get asked to explain it. But I don’t have to.

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