Long range football schedule


Hopefully ADHY gained some leverage with the SEC due to the C19 2020 football schedule. UA got slammed with UGA and UF additions and lost its first ever seven game home schedule. Looking forward, the SEC may payback the Hogs with some favorable football schedules.


You would hope but honestly I doubt the SEC cares in the least about respecting or being even handed with Arkansas

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Good thinking Guy, but I do not think the SEC right now cares for Arkansas other than to be a breather for the real SEC teams.

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SEC scheduling is set through 2025, I believe.

Rational thinking here, but I gotta see it to believe it. I suspect the schedule will go back to everything already set.

The contracts with non conference teams will dictate that future schedules remain the same.

I believe this year’s schedule stands alone.

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Understand. However, C19 has shown the SEC can scrap a SEC schedule in a heartbeat. They can easily do the same for future schedules to compensate UA and Mizzou for their C19 disgrace…

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You’re rationale makes very good logical sense yet I’m not so sure the opposing forces have a conscious.

I agree with both of you from each side of the spectrum, but leaning toward teenhawg’s rationale here.

If there was a rationale here, and I’m not sure there was, it seems to have been to make sure the SEC doesn’t produce a champion with an 8-2 or 7-3 record for playoff purposes. Those of us at the bottom are feeling those effects.

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I agree Jeff!

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Well, of course, and if COVID-19 is still affecting schedules in the future, then expect the same from Birmingham.

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Until Arkansas is in the top tier of the SEC, the league will continue to treat it without respect.

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Fully understand football is king. Most especially in the SEC. However, the SEC has to appreciate what the UA brings to the conference…nationally ranked and highly competitive Track/XC programs, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, etc…
Perhaps I am too optimistic, but I think the SEC will compensate the Hogs for the C19 football schedule. One way or another. I am also confident ADHY will use his gained leverage very wisely to the UA’s advantage.

Agree with you, guy.

I also think we look silly thinking all the SEC Refs are out to get us.

Truth here I think

I tend to agree but have you noticed that LSU almost never gets what it wants in its schedule

The exception was dropping us end of year for TAMU

TAMU joining us proving to have been very detrimental toArkansas in many areas

I was hoping it would open the flood gates of Texas talent to Arkansas instead it appears to have allowed TAMU to stockpile

I suspect because of fan base size and market TAMU gets what it wants at Arkansas expense

But not even TAMU gets what it wants vs the big four of Charter members

Bama, UF, UGA and Auburn get what ever they want esply Bama

You can still recruit Texas if you try. I know that to be true by looking at other sports at Arkansas. There is nothing to stop football from doing well in Texas to get players. There are no excuses. Look at baseball, soccer, track and other sports. You work and you will harvest Texas recruits.

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I would find it more disrespectful if they paired us with the worst teams.

There will never be brand equity from the SEC office for the Hogs, there’s only one way to get even… win.

The SEC is going to honor the cross-divisional schedule it set several years ago through 2025. For Arkansas those games — in addition to the annual game vs. Mizzou — are:

2021: at Georgia
2022: South Carolina
2023: at Florida
2024: Kentucky
2025: at Vanderbilt