Long goodbye

(I’m posting this now because I’ll probably forget to do it later.)

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been evaluating my disposable income “outgo” and have cut the cable, switched cell phone plans and other things to cut costs.

Well, after many years (10+ maybe?) as a HI premium member, I’ve decided to not renew my subscription when it expires in April. I used to post a lot more back in the day, but I see that this is only my 25th post since the merger with WholeHogSports.

I know several of you personally and we’re Facebook friends or follow each other on Twitter, so we’ll keep in touch. But to the rest of you, I just wanted to say thanks and all of my best to you and yours.



Sorry to see you go but, remember, if you subscribe to the DemGaz the board is free.

Just a thought.

I’ve given it some thought as well. Not a baseball or basketball fan. Enjoy football and track very much, but things have not been a lot of fun for the last five years with football. Guess I’ll make the final decision in June.

Sorry to hear this.
I hope you reconsider.

All the best Carl. You will be missed.

Always sorry to hear that one of my fellow Hog fans finds himself in a position where he feels that he has to make hard choices regarding where he spends his limited funds, but each of us must decide what cuts to make when such times arrive. Hope that things work out for the best for you, whatever you decide that you must do. I (We) will miss your input (heck, at my advanced age, without your regular reminders, I might actually forget that “cow pie isn’t actually pie”! Best of luck wherever life takes you!!

Good luck HH! Your posts have always been well thought-out and reasonable. I hate to see you go but do understand. Wish the best for you!

Stick around, you bring too much to the board and the addiction withdrawal treatment is hell.

I read everything, but there are some that I just enjoy more. Hillcrest is one of them – maybe because I know the Hillcrest area from my youth.

Don’t say goodbye…Just say see you later because I know you will return…All of us do.