Long, Dykes, others speak on national anthem protest

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Calling for UofA to reprimand the students is stupid, UofA can’t. But I don’t like Long and Dykes statements. They are headed toward a major loss of support for the program. They knew this was coming (that is clear from Dykes statement) and that is the best statements they can come up with? Sad.

Please someone who knows how post the Memorandum from the Chancellor of the University of Texas on this issue. Our Chancellor should do the same. He clearly supports standing for the National Anthem. I do too. The players have the right to take a knee. I also have the right to no longer be a fan or support the program.

There is a time and especially a place for protest. Intentionally kneeling during the National Anthem, while on scholarship representing the state university, is likely NOT the best choice of time nor place. What would be the next level, Mr. Long and Coach Dykes? Following suit with last year’s Mizzou Football team and threatening to not practice or play hard or even show up to play in tonight’s game? If I have a beef with a perceived injustice somewhere else in the world, I don’t think it a good idea to suddenly cause disruption and disunity in a place (maybe a workplace) that had nothing to do with my “beef” and is not interested in paying to see me air my grievance above what they did pay to see. All for free speech, but keep in mind the Marketplace, Mr. Long, or UA may soon join Mizzou at the bottom of fan and financial support. If this carries over to Anderson’s and Bielema’s revenue producing sports, Long and the Chancellor may be forced to review the place and time where free speech is best expressed. (Hint: It’s never a good idea to yell, “Fire” in a crowded theater or to kneel in an empty stadium).

Matt: In spite of Long’s statement to the press tonight, I bet he meets behind closed
doors tomorrow with the revenue sport coaches (Bielema and Anderson) to
review the numerous other free speech forums on and off campus that are
not as likely to adversely affect financial and other Razorback support.
Nothing like paying a couple hundred bucks for the family to see a group of
full scholarship football players take a righteous knee during the UA band’s
rendition of the National Anthem the first chance they get the week after
a 56-3 drubbing. Can’t let the girls be the only divisive squad on campus,
right? I bet Coach Anderson is asking his charges to reconsider where and when they stage their protest which would surely further divide his already fickle fan support before a promising men’s basketball season even begins.


It breaks my heart to see UA student athletes to be so incredibly miss informed to “take a knee” during the playing of our national anthem. I expect our athletic administration to do a better job of properly informing our student athletes about the entire issue. They are being played and obviously don’t have ALL the facts behind the movement.

They also are not aware of the value of our police and first responders and the daily risks they take to keep our society relatively safe and peaceful.

A far greater amount of police have been innocently killed in the line of duty than innocent minorities killed by police. And a vastly greater amount of minorities have been killed by their own than any innocent minorities killed by police.

If they truly want to make a difference in our society and their wrong perception of our police, I sincerely recommend for them to join the police…either local, state or federal. Very few jobs are as stressful and dangerous with few rewards and low pay as serving in the police community.

Lastly, a lot of proud Americans of all race, color, sex and religion have either been killed or have been crippled for life for the freedom of those girls to take a knee. I hope those girls find a way to express their appreciation for their freedom to our armed service members. Perhaps some charity work for the families who have lost their loved ones or service members trying to recover from the physical and/ or emotional trauma of combat related injuries.

I will be praying for those girls. Most especially during my 14th deployment this summer. That is how I honor those who have served before us to grant us the freedom we enjoy today.

GHG and may God Bless America and our brave police and first responders!

The football program avoids this situation because the national anthem is played while they are still in the dressing room. Pretty much all college football games are done this way. The last musical act the band does before it leaves the field is playing the fight song as the team comes running out, that’s how college football does it everywhere pretty much. For many years, the same was done at BWA. The alma mater and then the national anthem were played. They used to have a trumpet player on each foul line with a spotlight on them as they played with other lights turned out. Really a dramatic presentation. Then they called the hogs also with the lights off, then the team came running out. Just go back to that and we can avoid the potential for everyone’s emotional angst, from both sides.

There are ways to protest without disrespecting the soldiers that serve and what the flag represents.
Welcome to our PC world.

Hey girls, go do something for the oppressed instead of disrespecting the soldiers.

I’m proud of them for thinking about the oppressed but help with your actions not by taking a knee

Well, in this country all have rights. The Adm and the players sure do. So do I. First time in my long life as a Razorback fan I must say that I am through with one of our teams. I will not attend or watch any of their games. Saddens me. To me that is about the same as stomping on our flag.

I am not “understanding” when it comes to disrespect for our flag and anthem. I don’t want to be, don’t have to be, will not try to be understanding, and will not change! It makes me sick in the pit of my stomach that these young people think such action is OK. I know I grew up in a different time and era but this will not work for me nor will Ladies BB or any other UA sport that follows suit and allows this activity. Something else really interesting to me is that the NFL is all in a tizzy and can’t understand why attendance and TV ratings are down. All they need to do is shine the spotlight on Kapernack and the Niner’s to find their answer.

Rant over…hope we show Gators some vitriol and resentment.

Who’s running the team? If this is Dykes way of commanding respect and being a head coach that leads, then he has already lost! I’m also tired of Police officers and our military men and women being murdered! Alllllll Lives matter!! God Bless The USA.

3 questions I have on this topic: 1) What other steps besides kneeling for the anthem are these girls doing to right racial injustice? 2) Have the kneeling girls ever been to Arlington National Cemetery 3) Do the kneeling girls understand that the American flag represents the IDEALS of freedom, etc.? (therefore, in my view they are actually saying that they don’t agree with freedom,etc. by kneeling in opposition to the flag. This is actually the part of this that drives me nuts the most. It is akin to them kneeling during the reading of MLK’s “I have a dream speech”)

  1. Research the topic. Learn what you’re really protesting. Figure out a way to not only protest, but come up with a solution to the issue. I believe I did, but it’s a Socialist view (no I’m not communist).

  2. I’ve never been and I have at least three friends buried there. I’d be interested to see how many people (on either side of the issue) have been there, Ground Zero, or the Arizona Memorial.

  3. I agree/disagree with what it represents and their actions being the opposite.

The kneeling is pointless, all it does is make people mad – wearing a T shirt is pointless, all it does is make people mad.

You cant tell them no, you’ll have another Missouri on your hands.

If one is truly thinking of the oppressed–then get a plan and do something about it instead of putting your coach and school in a bad position–go help the oppressed. You are on scholarship to play ball not to put
your politics in play on the court. If your neighbor needs help, then help them !

I think a lot of the young ones don’t have a clue about our history, etc. I’d bring in some vets to tell their story
and educate the girls, listen to that and then they can make up their own minds.

They have a right to protest - we all do - on our own time, not when they are wearing a uniform representing the University of Arkansas. Our gutless coaches and administrators should be mature enough to explain this to players who are obviously immature in their understanding of individual rights. Hit them the only place and way they will understand - boycott U of A Women’s Basketball.


I remember reading that military guys recommended to Kaepernik to kneel instead of sitting. I thought that is when he started kneeling.

I am not sure why national anthem is played before every domestic sports event anyway. It should be limited to important times and when USA is playing in an international event. I don’t think other countries play national anthem in domestic sports events. I don’t think we did that either before 9/11. Correct me if I am wrong.

I would suggest to anyone that chooses to exercise their right to protest that they choose their battles carefully. I love Jimmy Dykes’ heart but I won’t be supporting the ladies’ basketball team as long as this goes on. I’m a died-in-the-wool Razorback fan but I would give up that tribe before I would dishonor the flag.

On that point you are very wrong. They have been playing the National Anthem before Razorback games all of my life and I have been going to games since 1970. I doubt they started doing it then. Older folks than me would have to say about before that.

Should it be played? I think yes. But I am open to discussion about it. IN NO WAY do I want to quit playing it in response to the protest.

Good for them…you all tell the police to stop shooting and killing unarmed Black men and then the protests will stop. But in a world where the “White Man” doesn’t have to worry about being shot and killed by the police for basically doing nothing, of course I will hear such a cry about an anthem/flag. When you don’t have to worry about violence coming your way via tax paid police officers, rage is part of you all’s vocabulary. However, as a man who almost lost his life for this country in Iraq this month a decade ago, I see all these videos of people of color on Facebook being tased, kicked, beaten, drugs and weapon planted on them by the police and killed, it makes me very angry!!! If you majority were going through what we have to go through, would you all be so kind to an anthem? Would you all be so kind to the police? And would you all be so kind with throwing these young athletes under the bus because they made a statement before they entertained you all? Well, the KKK is upset about that also…but yet they are willing to stop people of color from exercising their right to vote with intimidation. Are you same folks ok with that? After all, the KKK does stand when the anthem is played as well as saluting the flag. Then they go back to their evil ways and maybe some of the police are part of this organization…protest on young ladies…you are speaking up and out for your unborn children and especially your unborn sons…NUFF SAID…