Long: Chancellor to be involved in stadium decision

According to Bob Holt’s story this morning. I think JL said something similar to Chuck in the pregame show. He also said he expects that we will finish the contract with WMS next year, which everyone expects to be the Vanderbilt game.

I had not really thought about Joe Steinmetz getting involved in GSD for some reason, but it does make sense. And it also increases the chance that the trustees will go along with their decision whatever it is. What I’m wondering is whether the Chancellor’s participation makes it more or less likely that Vandy will be the last game in Little Rock. I do know that a crowd of 36,000 doesn’t increase Little Rock’s chances any.

I can’t imagine Arkansas will put any of the other SEC games there next year, especially with it being the first season after expansion. Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss will fill the seats in Fayetteville; Vanderbilt won’t, but will come close in Little Rock.

We think there would have been a MUCH BETTER attendance at the Little Rock game if it had been played on Saturday instead of Thursday night. A lot of out of town and out of state high schools had games on Thursday and Friday nights and children could not miss school to attend an out of town game. We think this should be considered when scheduling a game on Thursday.

Jonesboro vs Batesville was the only instate high school game, I’m sure there were Jr high games, along with VB matches. That said, there was no excuse for the attendance.

The day of the week might have kept some people away, but I think the opponent had more to do with it than anything. People just don’t want to pay $35 per head to see a game against that kind of team. SEC teams should quit scheduling FCS teams.

With the next two openers against Eastern Illinois and Portland State, I would not be surprised to see Arkansas in this Thursday window for at least a few years.

The game being on Thursday night had little to do with it. Years back I attended the game against a very average UNLV team in LR on a Thursday night and the place was packed.

And what an offensive explosion they saw that night!(tongue firmly in cheek) Of course that very average UNLV team had embarrassed us in the Vegas bowl a few months earlier. Stadium was packed with folks seeking revenge. What they got was a miracle finish led by an unlikely and long forgotten hero.

While the day of the week and the opponent were certainly factors, it shouldn’t be ignored that the last two SEC games in Little Rock didn’t sell out either. Do people stay home, or not buy tickets, because of the calendar or the opponent or the aftermath of the GSD? My guess is all of the above.