Long and Les Miles....

It strikes me as odd that Long would consider hiring Miles in a league where offensive production and innovation is at a premium. At best he’ll get the results of the good Bill Snyder teams, which may be OK at Kansas. But it’s a head scratcher to me. I know they are sort of friends. And I guess Les did OK at Okie State. But that was years ago – why recycle Miles?

Dan Enos would not be a good hire either based on track record alone. Kansas has hired several Dan Enos clones since Mangino and see where that’s got them.

It’s a bad football job, but Mangino (like Petrino) proved it can be done at KU.

Les looked silly against several Arkansas teams with much less talent than his team possessed.

Les with More Miles.

If anyone needs further evidence as to why Long needed to go, his continued infatuation with the Mad Hatter is exhibit A.

I think Enos will eventually get a better job than Kansas. His offensive scheme was generally good last year, and occasionally brilliant. Execution and talent were the problems, not scheme. He also now will have the Saban seal of approval.

Les Miles at Kansas would be equivalent to Illinois hiring Lovie Smith. A few teases of improvement but no real long-term progress.

Kansas will probably try to get one of the up and coming MAC coaches or a fairly successful or promising coordinator from a Power Five school. I suppose they might make a run at the guys at Appalachian State, Troy, or UAB, but those coaches will probably hold out for something better in their region. They are not going to spend big bucks for a HC or staff because their fan base is not going to shell out that kind of money.

KU should play it like Kentucky did with Stoops & give the new coach the time frame to build something. Which they probably would. Most likely needs to be an ambitious up & comer.
Drawback might be selling recruits on lower tier program in the Big 12. Going to need a staff that can develope players. Stoops had the advantage of selling recruits on the opportunity to play in the SEC.
Les is more accustomed now to ready made programs where recruiting comes easily.

Les Miles would be a “big name” hire for Kansas. It would make a splash, but those of us who have watched him coach LSU can’t see him being a good hire. He was not a very good coach. He won a National Championship at LSU, kind of…they actually split that with a great USC Trojan team. But, like the other guys on here said, he had very good talent and stumbled and bumbled around with it. He would have to work hard to get that program off the ground and he is in his 60’s.

A young up and comer might be a better choice. I would not be surprised if they went with Miles. What do they have to lose? Not much.

Something I heard floating around today that may have some substance is that Kansas is considering the Army coach. The idea is to be the “curveball” offense (wishbone) in the pass-happy Big 12 much like Georgia Tech is in the ACC.

I actually think that might be a good idea for Kansas. When everybody in the conference is throwing 40-50 passes a game, defenses would be at a disadvantage having just a few days to prepare for a wishbone attack. I know I’m in the minority these days, but I really enjoy watching a well-oiled wishbone chew up yardage and confuse a defense. For that reason, I watch several Georgia Tech games a year.

I don’t think the idea would work as well in the SEC, even though our conference is now passing a great deal more than it used to. However, it still is where the majority of the top D Line talent lives, and it’s hard to move on SEC defenses if you’re not a balanced offense.

it won’ matter who they hire for the football coach. Long better hope he doesn’t have to hire a basketball coach.

My adopted & favorite team to watch besides my Hogs. No way Coach Monken leaves West Point to go to Kansas! He loves it there, if he decides to leave one day, it won’t be for Kansas.

I have no idea how interested he would be in the job; but it appears that Kansas’ interest in him is both real, and not just a recent thought.

https://www.si.com/college-football/201 … on-mailbag

https://throughthephog.com/2018/09/25/j … -football/

Did you read these articles?

Don’t you mean these writer’s have interest in Coach Monken going to Kansas?
The SI guy also is opting for Kevin Kelley to be the next coach at Kansas. Now that would be fun :sunglasses:

https://www.cbssports.com/college-footb … vid-beaty/

Ah…digging a lil deeper…seems there is a Kansas connection to Jeff Monken, er sorta…I don’t buy it but we’ll see :sunglasses:

http://www2.ljworld.com/sports/2018/nov … your-guy//

No, gold . . . I just post random articles without reading them.


OF COURSE I read them.

I didn’t say that the AD has the Army coach on a plane to the land of Oz. “Kansas” can be used to describe the school and/or their fans and/or their media, for that matter. Apparently, this idea has been discussed in at least some quarter of their following for a few weeks now. If someone from elsewhere in the SEC saw an article Clay had written about a possible new coach, they might use that article as an indication that “Arkansas” was interested in the coach. That’s all.

For the record, the first link was to an article posted 2 days ago by SI (Andy Staples) to show that this is getting some media play currently; the second link was to a Kansas fan site (similar to this one, I guess) to show that the topic has apparently had at least some discussion much of this season. How much, I have no idea and less interest (it is KANSAS FOOTBALL, after all). I wasn’t stating that he’s the leading candidate or anything like that. Just mentioned above that the Army guy appears to be getting some level of consideration, apparently.

And the SI guy didn’t “opt” for Kelly; he just mentioned him as another interesting candidate if KU decided to pass on the “option option” with Monken.

Didn’t you read it?


141 - 52,Who would be foolish enough to hire a coach with that record plus a national championship and two Sec titles, Long must be nuts ! WPS

:smiley:The guy I’d recommend is fellow Paul Johnson disciple Jeff Monken, who is currently working miracles at Army.” There are two more paragraphs on his opinion Monken would be a good coach. Yeah, Kelley only gets one paragraph. The piece is the opinion of this writer who Kansas should hire. FACT. The other piece the headline speaks for itself! and this lil gem… “I have discovered the solution: the triple-option.” If this is consideration, OK :sunglasses:


Something I heard floating around today that may have some substance is that Kansas is considering the Army coach. The idea is to be the “curveball” offense (wishbone) in the pass-happy Big 12 much like Georgia Tech is in the ACC.

[/quote]Georgia Tech gets to recruit the state of Georgia. There’s a top 100 coming out of high school each year that is as good if not better than Texas. If GT fishes amongst #'s 30-100 they still get access to a lot of talent. Kansas fishing in Kansas? Bad results, for anyone fishing in Kansas.